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Here at Berforts Information Press, we have an assortment of advanced book printing processes allowing us to provide a high-class, flexible service suitable for self publishers, low volume print runs or back orders. Our diverse services include short-run digital printing and production with included sample book printing prior to final production and we print to your immediate demand so there are no delays to your order and packing costs.

Our book-printing services include:

  • Bookbinding and finishing
  • Short-run case binding
  • Scanning
  • In-house guillotine
  • Laminating

Self Publishing

If you have ever considered bypassing a mainstream publisher and thought of self publishing as an affordable alternative, we will help you to find a cost-effective and practical solution.

We will assist you with the whole self-publishing process without stealing your control of titles, copyright, when and where publishing occurs.

Self Publishing

Book Production

We specialise in the short-run digital printing and book production of perfect or case-bound books. We will quickly and cost effectively produce small quantities of books to the highest quality.

Our highly skilled team has over three decades of experience and believe you should have full control over your book. Unlike other self publishing companies, we don't dictate to you on how you should carry out your book production

Book Production

Book Printing

For many years we have been providing diverse book printing services to authors who wish to self publish. We provide book printing for smaller runs of books so you can test the market before spending your budgets on a higher level of print. We enable you to choose from printing in black and white, full colour, or a mixture. We also produce titles in soft or hard back, along with dust jackets and material covers.

We will print a wide variety of books including:

  • Novels
  • Childrens
  • Historical
  • Recipe
  • Academic
  • Poetry
  • Memoirs
  • Journals, magazines, periodicals
  • In-house training manuals
  • Thesis or dissertation
Book Printing

Bookbinding and Finishing

We provide flexible bookbinding and finishing services including both traditional printing and digital printing. Our ingenious bookbinding and finishing services enable us to easily complete what can be difficult jobs for some binding companies. 

Our unsurpassed binding and finishing services include: 

  • Case binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Library binding
  • Fine leather binding
  • Weekly periodicals
  • Monthly periodicals
  • Theses/dissertations
  • Legal journals
  • Medical journals
  • Handwritten books and poems
  • Signature books
  • Presentation books
  • Handmade slip cases
Bookbinding and Finishing

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