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J W BERISFORD is a small friendly tools and hardware distributing company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and have over 50 years experience.

We have a proven record of offering a friendly and personal service supplying tools to the professional's in many trades.

An excellent wide range of tools and hardware to suit today's DIY Stores, Builders Merchants, Hardware Stores, Timber Merchants, Plumbers Merchants, Bargain Stores, Market Traders, Motoring Stores, School Suppliers, Tool Hire Stores, and Agricultural Merchants.

J W Berisford sources products from all over the world as well as supporting a number of specialist UK companies. We have long been recognised as holding an extensive range of hand tools and hardware.

Come in and have a look at our products which are under our own brand TOOLMAN and the ever popular TOOLMAN TRADE brand which specialises in the building industry.


A multitude of uses, these screwdrivers are fitted with a plastic handle, which has been ergonomically designed for the users grip and comfort. The blade is of chrome-vanadium steel and each driver has a magnetised tip for accurate working.

  • TM320 3.2mm x 2.5" Screwdriver
  • TM321 3.2mm x 4" Screwdriver
  • TM322 4mm x 8" Screwdriver
  • TM323 5mm x 6" Screwdriver
  • TM324 6mm x 4" Screwdriver
  • TM325 8mm x 6" Screwdriver
  • TM326 8mm x 8" Screwdriver
  • TM327 8mm x 10" Screwdriver
  • TM328 6mm x 10" Screwdriver
  • TM329 Chubby flat Screwdriver

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A comprehensive range of hammers and axes, from claw hammers, mallets to splitting mauls, whatever your after, we're sure to have it.

  • TM763 20oz Solid Forged Claw Hammer
  • TM764 20oz Fibreglass Claw Hammer
  • TM759 16oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
  • TM760 20oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
  • TM761 16oz Claw Hickory Hammer
  • TM762 20oz Claw Hickory Hammer
  • TM759 Mini Claw Hammer

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We stock a full range of pliers for almost any job.

  • TM419 Mini Long Nose Bent Plier
  • TM420 Mini Combination Plier
  • TM421 Mini Diagonal Cutting Plier
  • TM422 Mini Long Nose Plier
  • TM423 Mini Needle Nose Plier
  • TM424 Mini Top Cutting Plier

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Tape Measures

A full range of rubberised tape measures to protect the tape itself, all with nylon coated blade and 4 rivets. Seven measures come with magnetic end hooks and nearly all are Class II European Standard. Surveyors tapes have a Class III European Standard. All come display boxed except the economy tapes which are carded for hanging.

  • TM640 3m Economy Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM641 5m Economy Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM642 8m Economy Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM647 5m Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM648 8m Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM649 10m Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM650 7.5m x 32mm Rubberised Tape Measure
  • TM656 5m Measuremate

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A fine compilation of hand saws and holesaw sets for many carpentry projects or for the DIY enthusiast, from everyday hand saws to special hand made in Sheffield panel saws.

  • TM666 10" 2-G Economy Tenon Saw
  • TM667 22" 2-G Economy Hand Saw
  • TM659 10" 3-G Soft Grip Tenon Saw
  • TM668 22" 3-G Soft Grip Hand Saw

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Roofing Tools

Roofing tools for the professional.

  • TM718 Slate Ripper
  • Solid Foged Slate Ripper
  • TM788 Slaters Axe Right Handed
  • TM789 Slaters Axe Left Handed
  • TM778 Slaters Hammer Tubular Steel
  • TM779 Slaters Hammer Steel

Builders Tools


  • TM720 Nylon line
  • TM721 Cotton Line
  • TM722 Ranging Line
  • TM543 2" Bolster & Grip
  • TM544 3" Bolster & Grip
  • TM545 4" Bolster & Grip
  • TM555 Plugging Chisel & Grip
  • TM540 2" Flooring Chisel
  • TM541 3" Bolster
  • TM542 4" Bolster
  • TM546 Plugging Chisel
  • TM556 18" Flooring Chisel
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Fencing Tools

A range of fencing tools.

  • 16.8kg Post Driver
  • Paviers Maul
  • Fencing Pliers

Plasterers Tools

Our taping knives are specially designed with ergonomically engineered handles to decrease hand fatigue. Extra sturdy, stainless steel blades resist rust and extend through handles for maximum strength and durability. Durable brass-plated, solid steel nail setting head can be used for setting nails and other hammering jobs.

  • TM280 Taping knife Soft Grip handle 6"
  • TM281 Taping knife Soft Grip handle 8"
  • TM282 Taping knife Soft Grip handle 10"

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Carpenters Tools

Popular and fast selling lines like our mitre boxes and wood chisel sets are very popular with our existing customers. Mitre boxes come in display boxes while the chisel sets have well presented colour packaging.

  • TM228 6pc Economy Carpenters Pencils
  • TM229 6pc Hard Carpenters Pencils
  • Plastic Handled Pointed Bradawl
  • Plastic Handled Flat Bradawl
  • Plastic Handled Gimlet

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Plumbing tools for the professional. The waterpump pliers and tube cutters can be used in the automotive industry as well. All these items can be used in and around the home too.

  • TM354 Pipe Reamer
  • TM355 Mini Professional Tube Cutter
  • TM356 Inox Professional Tube Cutter
  • TM357 Medium Professional Tube Cutter
  • TM358 Heavy Duty Professional Tube Cutter
  • Mini Economy Tube Cutter
  • Large Economy Tube Cutter  
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A wide choice of scrapers, Paint Brushes and other decorationg products to compliment any Decorating or DIY store

  • Economy 30mm Wallpaper Scraper
  • Economy 50mm Wallpaper Scraper
  • Economy 70mm Wallpaper Scraper
  • Economy 100mm Wallpaper Scraper
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Various tools for the mechanic and the car owner especially. But these can also be used in the home or at work too!

  • TM465 Telescopic Wheel Nut Wrench
  • 4way Wheel Nut Wrench
  • 24" Flexi-Bar With Impact Head
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The G-Clamps, mechanincs vices and woodworking vices are also available in an un-breakable version too.

  • 18" Boltcutters
  • 24" Boltcutters
  • TM710 8" Tinsnip
  • TM711 10" Tinsnip
  • TM712 12" Tinsnip
  • TM713 14" Tinsnip
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A range of quality Sheffield made squares and bevels in either beechwood or rosewood handles. Hobbyist and specialised woodturning and woodcarving sets for the discerning woodworker. The G-Clamps, mechanincs vices and woodworking vices are also available in an un-breakable version too.

  • TM570 Economy Beechwood Mortice Gauge
  • TM571 Beech Mortice Gauge Professional
  • TM573 Economy Marking Gauge
  • TM574 Professional Marking Gauge
  • TM583 6" Beechwood Square
  • TM584 9" Beechwood Square
  • TM585 12" Beechwood Square
  • TM593 7½" Beechwood Bevel
  • TM594 9" Beechwood Bevel
  • TM595 10½" Beechwood Bevel

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