Berkeley Stainless Fittings Ltd


Berkeley Stainless Fittings Limited was formed in Bristol in 1992 to supply a fast, efficient and flexible service supplying hygienic tubes and fittings to the food, dairy and brewing industries, Berkeley Stainless has grown steadily over the years, gradually increasing both the manufacturing capability and the stock held.

Hygienic -Stainless Steel

We have a large range of hygienic stainless steel available Inc; Hygienic Valves, Fittings, Unions, Strainers, flanges and Tubular products

Hygienic Valves

We supply hygienic valves for the food, dairy and brewery industry such as Butterfly valves, 2 way and 3 way Sanitary ball valves, Non return valve, Pressure relief valve, diaphragm valves, Sight glass, sample valves and air vent valves. Actuation packages available for butterfly valves and ball valves.

Hygienic strainer

We have hygienic strainers for pump protection or product filtration. What we can offer is on 90 degree format, or as a straight through in-line type. Many apertures available including perforated or wedge wire type.

Hygienic Fittings

Our hygienic fittings include hygienic valves for the food, dairy & brewery industry such Unions, bends, tees, cones, hosetails, end caps.

Stainless Steel Fittings

A large range of 150lbs BSP fittings and valves, Nominal bore butt weld pipe and fittings to suit.

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