Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co


"The first steps towards the company Berliner Seilfabrik were made in 1865, when a company producing ropes for the Berliner elevator industries was founded. The quality of the Berliner ropes has gained a worldwide reputation.

The first net structures developed for climbing equipment were created in the early 70’s. Now, with over 40 years of experience in the playground equipment industry, combined with our extensive rope manufacturing knowledge we have designed a variety of products for unique playground landscapes which comply with international safety standards. Our playground landscapes are instantly recognizable, due to the combination of extensive rope design development and creative ideas.

National and international patents of the majority of our products are proof of our individuality and technical edge.

The integrity of our structures has been recognized by the German, European and American standard committee for sport and leisure equipment, of which we are permanent members

Our products: aerial runways for playgrounds, climbing nets, development of innovative games equipment, equipment for children’s adventure playground, net bridges, play equipment for balance training, play equipment made of steel, playground construction, playground equipment, playground slides, playing equipment for kindergartens, playing equipment for pedestrian areas, playing equipment for recreation centres, playscapes, rope play equipment, spare parts for playground equipment"

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