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Exclusive British luxury fountain pens craftsman-made for individuals, organisations and businesses. We offer the ultimate in luxury writing instrument design and creation at affordable prices.

Bespoke corporate pen design

Bespoke corporate pen design.  The Bespoke British Pens design team have a growing reputation as creators of outstanding corporate pens that reflect the style and image of the company or organisation. Bespoke British Pens includes Rolls Royce, DB Automotive, Jaguar and Overfinch among its corporate clients as well as a host of private individuals and organisations who wanted a one-off exclusive pen design for a special retirement gift or anniversary celebration . 

Traditional pens made in England

As well as designing and manufacturing our own pens under the Bespoke British, Conway Stewart and Stratford Pen brands, we also work with a small number of silversmith/jewellers, including Jack Row and Henry Simpole, who specialise in designing and creating their own ranges of pens using precious metals and gemstones. Whether you are looking for an existing design to be personalised for you or your company, or want to create your own exclusive pen, Bespoke British Pens is the place to start.

Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart. When this famous 100-year old English brand went into administration in 2014, Bespoke British Pens stepped in and bought all the remaining pen components from the administrators and continues to assemble and sell a wide range of high quality 'original' Conway Stewart fountain pens, rollerballs, pencils etc to appreciative collectors and pen enthusiasts around the world. 

Stratford Pen Company

Stratford Pen Company. Established in 2015 as the production 'arm' of Bespoke British Pens, the Stratford Pen Company is based in Stratford Upon Avon and, appropriately, issued The Shakespeare Pen in two versions - Sterling Silver and Vermeil - as its first production pieces. These two issues, celebrating Shakespeare's 400th anniversary in 2016, have been very well received by pen collectors and enthusiasts all around the world. It is intended that SPC will expand its range of high quality British writing instruments over the coming months. 

Henry Simpole - Silversmith/Penmaker

Henry Simpole has a global reputation for crafting exquisite overlay fountain pens. We are proud to showcase his exceptional limited edition work including his wonderful reproduction of a 1907 ‘Exhibition’ Onoto plunger-filler and the sensational ‘Snake Pen’ with solid 18ct gold overlay.

Jack Row

Jack Row is a talented young pen designer who has provided the pen world with ground-breaking designs, inspirational use of precious materials and intricate artistic flair. His extraordinary talent has brought him to the attention of art and pen collectors, world leaders and royalty.

A wide choice of writing styles

A wide choice of writing styles.  Although fountain pens predominate our design and manufacturing processes, we also produce rollerball, ballpen and propelling pencil versions of many designs. A corporate gift of a rollerball and fountain pen matching pair in an exclusive leather carrying case is a popular choice. For fountain pen users, there is a wide variety of nib choice including Fine, Medium, Broad, Italic, Stub and Oblique options to complement every writing style. 

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