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Bespoke Liners Ltd are a leading manufacturer of high quality custom liners dedicated to solving issues with or improving your liquid and dry goods handling, extraction, storage and shipping.
As a manufacturer we provide packaging solutions for all container types, including specialist and unusual container styles. Delivering valuable production efficiency savings, reducing wastage, cleaning downtime and
disposal costs. Minimize your costs while also benefiting from reducing your environmental footprint.

Our Design team specialise in producing unique solutions to suit individual customer requirements, in turn providing them with competitive advantages!
These solutions normally require little or no capital investment to initiate and with the added benefit that after use all our packaging is recyclable.

Bespoke Liners have one of the largest range of IBC valves, taps, flanges and fitments in Europe and the most diverse range of bag styles.
We produce in a modern factory meeting the highest standards of cleanliness, quality and service.

Bespoke Liners supply the following sectors,

Food and Beverages,
Chemical and pharmaceutical,
Powders and Granules,
Adhesives and Sealants,
Edible oils,
Export Packers,
Engineering and oil,
Electronics and fabrication.

We are able to supply standard liquid liners through to more specialised high barrier liners to protect sensitive products from Oxygen, Light,Moisture, Static, etc.
At Bespoke Liners we offer more than 18 years of specialist custom packaging and barrier packaging manufacture and experience, combined with full UK field sales and support network.

Contact (+44) 01263 586000 to arrange an appointment to review your packaging requirements and start to benefit from the associated cost savings and continuity of supply.

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