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Bespoke Machines Ltd produce equipment designed to solve specific manufacturing problems, specialising in special purpose machines manufacture.

The kinds of processes involved include welding, milling, drilling, manual assembly or any combination of these. Our special purpose machines also include filling machines, glass bending machines and automatic winding machines.

Bespoke Machines is a family operated business and are specialists in supporting industry through our special purpose machines and we have a long history in the engineering sector.

Assembly Machines

Bespoke Machines Ltd has a comprehensive range of assembly machines that will suit a number of applications you may be looking for.

Our assembly machines include the following:

  • Pneumatic assembly presses
  • Picture and frame assembly machines
  • Scaffold batten assembly machines
  • Tape application machines
  • Boxfile assembly machine
  • Window sash cramping machines
  • Capacitor winding machine
  • Spring tensioner for roller blind springs
Assembly Machines

Cutting Machines

We have a range of cutting machines and drilling machines that are ideal for a variety of applications.

Our cutting machines include the following:

  • Slate trimming machines
  • Stone trimming machines
  • Tube sawing and drilling machines

Bespoke Machines Ltd also provides a range of drilling machines including: special purpose drilling machines, bowling ball drilling machines and special purpose drilling machines.

Cutting Machines

Bespoke Machines

If you are looking for bespoke machines or a machine for any special purpose then we can help.

We are specialists in manufacturing special purpose and bespoke machines that are used in many applications.

Our bespoke machines include machines such as:

  • Spring loaded hoppers
  • Kanban kit boxes
  • Extra long bar feeders
  • Retro fitting servo systems

If your are looking for any bespoke machinery then please contact us, as our range of products is only limited by the variety of problems to be solved.

Bespoke Machines
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