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Stenhøj compressors have been manufactured with intransigent standards of quality for over 70 years. Stenhøj compressors benefit greatly from these years of experience and are guaranteed to have a longer working life and help to dramatically reduce operating costs. There are a variety of Stenhøj compressors available with a diversity of control options to suit a range of requirements.

Ashcroft Pressure Gauges

We supply a choice of pressure instrumentation including Ashcroft pressure gauges. Our variety of pressure measurement and control equipment enables our customers to acquire an accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution. Our Ashcroft pressure gauges and other brands can also be calibrated. During calibration, equipment will be tested and stickered detailing the calibration date.    

Mobrey Level Switches

We supply an extensive selection of Mobrey level switches from a range of manufacturers. Mobrey offer a range of products and technologies including the seminal Mobrey float operated liquid level switch and vibrating fork liquid level switch.

Our full range of Mobrey level switches also consists of level detection indicators and flow measurement solutions for open channels, closed pipes and partially full pipes. 

Boiler Controls

We offer a range of boiler controls and equipment to measure, monitor and record boiler functions. Water level controls on steam boilers are essential for safety. We can help keep them in optimum condition by providing new and replacement boiler controls from a variety of manufacturers including Gestra, Mobrey, Fulton, Shaw, and Spirax Sarco. 

Drill Pipe Screens

Our drill pipe screens are manufactured from high quality 11 gauge perforated type 304 stainless steel. They are available in any length up to 48 inches and in a diversity of styles including Bar Strainer Style, Slotted Strainer Style and Conventional Perforated Strainer Style.

Our drill pipe screens with interchangeable flanges are stamped for easy identification and replacement and our range of sized openings mean they can accommodate aggressive LCM materials.

Float Valves

We have an extensive range of float valves available including plunger type valves providing instant shut-off. Full valves have a quick opening for full flow and are suited for use with abrasive drilling fluids.  Full flow valves with carbide orifices allow differential pressure readings at surface. Our float valves range also comprises of valves with automatic fill features.

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