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Best Windings supplies high quality magnetic components into a wide range of application areas: telecoms, aerospace, military, audio, video, automotive, security, medical, and many more.

We have extensive skills and experience and can support you with full custom design, build-to-print and standard products. You will find a large range and variety of standard products on this site, which serve as examples of what we can achieve for you.

Line Isolating Transformers

Best Windings Ltd are manufacturers of high quality custom transformers for the electronics Industry. We manufacture components for many areas, and specialise in custom designed and manufactured products.

Best Windings is an ISO9001 approved design and manufacturing house for custom transformers and high quality magnetic wound components. We can support you with low to medium volumes produced in the UK and using our offshore partners we supply high volumes at competitive prices.

Our capabilities range from miniature signal components handling less than a microwatt, up to substantial power devices handling over a kilowatt.

Best Windings emerged from the innovative Electronic Techniques (ETAL), founded in 1968 and we continue as authorised distributor for the leading brand of ETAL standard products.

Line Isolating Transformers


Inductors for common mode noise elimination, storage in SMPS Circuits, Audio or Video passive filter application or telecom line holding purposes are available.

Please visit our website and click on a sub-heading to view datasheet on the products available.

Some examples of our Inductors are:

  • Line Hold Inductors
  • Fixed Inductors
  • Common Mode Inductors
  • RF/Self supporting Inductors

Electronic Filters

Common Mode, EMC, Audio and Video Filters are made by Best Windings, non-standard versions can be designed and supplied by arrangement.

Please visit our website and click on a sub-heading to view datasheet on the filter products available. These filter datasheets are in a 'Portable Document Format', which means you are able to download and/or print the required datasheets.

Electronic Filters
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