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As specialist tradesmen, we offer a complete range of fasteners and fixings of all substrates. We have a comprehensive display of our fasteners and fixings for you to scan and examine on our website.

Industrial Paints

We stock a number of industrial paints and industrial aerosols. In our industrial paint section, we provide a large list of Jotun paint products ranging from paints to thinners. We also have other stock lines including PPE wear, lubricants and pipe fittings.

Adhesives and Sealants

We are a leading distributor for adhesives, sealants and industrial paint systems featuring Adshead Ratcliffe, Jotun and Rustoleum products. Our adhesive products allow you to work with a number of substrates and include a number of different bonding agents.

Safety Workwear

From respirators and masks, we stock safety workgear to help avoid industrial accidents and injuries. In our safety workwear section, we stock ear plugs and safety goggles as well.

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