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Beta Power Engineering Ltd is one of the appointed motor service partners and authorised ABB motors distributor based in the UK. ABB are one of the largest manufacturers of motors in the world and support of their products is exceptional.

Our comprehensive variety of ABB motors is one of the largest and is available 24 hours a day. In addition to safe area motors, we also stock zone 1 ATEX certified motors used in a variety of applications and industries like chemical and food and beverage.

ABB motors we can provide include:

  • General performance motors
  • Industrial performance motors
  • Process performance motors
  • Hazardous area motors
  • DC motors

ABB Drives

Beta Power Engineering Ltd we offer a wide range of ABB Drives and associated products that are available 24 hours a day.

ABB are at the forefront of drive design & functionality, and invest greatly in research and development to offer its customers a state of the art product.

In addition to standard drive packages we can also design & commission more complex control panels, offering our customers a complete drive solution to meet all your bespoke drive requirements.

ABB drives we can offer include:

  • Component drive
  • General machinery drive
  • Standard drive
  • Industrial drive
ABB Drives

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