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BETE Limited (the spray nozzle people) are specialist spray engineering company. We offer advice on all aspects of industrial, food processing and chemical spraying systems.

Call us for:
- Advice on correct nozzle selection
- Advice on spraying system design
- Access our complete range of spray nozzle products for almost any conceivable application
- Help in optimize existing spray application
- Access to advanced spray lab, droplet analysis and computational fluid dynamics service.

Our new website aims to help our customers navigate the often complicated world of nozzle selection through 3 logical, intuitive paths. You can search for nozzles by spray pattern type, by application type or by industry type. Each path will offer relevant technical information to allow for effective nozzle selection and is summarised in a hand nozzle selection table specific to that pattern application or industry.

The objectives for our web site is to be the on-line resource site for spray engineers and systems designers.

- Full product catalogue arranged in several logical formats depending on preference
- Access to industry specific catalogues
- Technical articles on all aspects of spraying
- Engineering resources to aid system design and optimisation
- Tools for helping with calculations and conversions
- Feed back mechanisms to help you help us improve our on line offering
- Links to partners and other

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Spray Nozzles

Spray nozzles for all spray pattern types

BETE manufacture spray nozzles of various designs that will produce all spray pattern types. Click on the heading links below for further information on specific types of nozzle. 

Tank cleaning systems

Tank cleaning nozzles come in 3 main forms: static systems, rotary flat fan systems and rotary solid stream tank cleaning machines. BETE produces nozzles and tank washing systems of all 3 designs.

All sizes of tanks

Our breadth of product means we have tank cleaning systems that are suitable for cleaning small barrels to very large processing/storage tanks, storm drains or even ocean going tankers.

Specialist requirements

- Hygienic self cleaning suitable for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
- All PTFE tank cleaners suitable for highly corrosive environments or for cleaning glass lined tanks.
- ATEX approved tank cleaning systems for use in explosive environments
- Robust designs for large cleaning applications (for example storm drains)

BETE are truly a one stop shop for all tank cleaning requirements.

Flat fan spray nozzles

Flat fan nozzles have a variety of applications including coating, cleaning and lubricating.

Fog nozzles / misting nozzles

The fog nozzles (or mist nozzles)  are used for a variety of applications. BETE manufacture several ranges of misting/fog nozzle in a variety of materials meaning we can help with almost any conceivable misting spray application. 

Full cone nozzle

The full cone spray nozzles are used for applications such as: cooling, gas scrubbing, gas conditioning, odour control, dust suppression, foam control and many more. There are a number of designs of full cone nozzle and BETE manufacture all types making us a one stop shop for all your spraying needs. Design variants include axial whirl nozzles, spiral nozzles and air atomising nozzles. 

Hollow cone nozzles

The hollow cone pattern concentrates droplets into a cone forming a ring of spray with little fluid being deposited in the centre. A number of different designs of nozzle can form this pattern. Common design variants include: tangential whirl, axial whirl, spiral and air atomising. Applications for this spray pattern include: spray cooling, gas cooling, foam retardation and spray injection. 

Solid Jet Nozzles

Solid jet or solid stream nozzles produce a high impact non atomised stream of fluid. These nozzles are typically used for high impact cleaning applications. 

Air atomising nozzles

Air atomising nozzles utilise air (or other gas) to break apart the sprayed fluid into very fine droplets. This design nozzle allows for very fine sprays to be produced at low fluid pressures and at low flow rates. They can be configured to produce flat fan, hollow cone or solid stream nozzles. Applications include: fine spray coating, humidifying, fine lubrication, dust suppression and odour control. 

Nozzles for spray drying

The spray drying process requires speccialist spray drying nozzles that are hard waring and will stand up to the high pressures involved in this process. BETE produce a range of specilist nozzles that are utilised in spray drying systems the world over.

Nozzles for pre-treatment applications

Pre-treatment tunnels often require many hundreds of nozzles. The BETE range of plastic moulded pre-treatment nozzles and quick release nozzle holders are specifically designed to improved change over times, reduced down time and optimise the efficient operation of the pre-treatment process. 

Nozzles for odour control

Odour control applications require a nozzle that will produce a fine mist that needs to be spread over the area being controlled. 

BETE produce a number of different nozzles for odour control applications.

Nozzles for humidifying

Spray nozzles for himidification that produce a fine mist suitable for raising air humidity levels without causing over wetting.

Nozzles for gas scrubbing

Spray nozzles for the removal of contaminants and pollutants from gas flows. 

Nozzles for flue gas desulpherisation  and other pollution control applications.

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