Better Than Free Solar


Better Than FREE Solar is a trading name of Norman Electrical Ltd. Run and owned by two brothers, Steve and Liam Norman, we have been undertaking domestic, commercial and industrial contracting since 2005 and we were becoming increasingly aware of the increased cost of running electrical lighting, heating and portable appliances.With the obvious impacts of global warming and the ever decreasing supply of fossil fuels, we saw Solar PV as our best route into the renewable energy market, making a real difference to the lives of our customers and building our business. 

How does solar work on finance?

Better Than Free Solar offsets the benefits of the Feed-in-Tariff and energy bill savings against the finance provided by Hitachi for the supply and installation of a Sharp solar installation. We hope in the future, that other manufacturers will make similar agreements with finance houses – but Sharp are really leading the way.

The benefits of Solar Panels come from three sources and have a monthly cash-value.

1. Feed in Tariff
2. Generation Tariff
3. Energy Savings 

Solar Calculator

At Better Than Free Solar we aim to be as up-front as possible with our customers and because of this we have developed a Solar Calculator. This calculator uses the number of panels that could fit on your roof, the oriantation of your house, shading on your roof and your geo-graphical location to estimate your potiential savings over the 20 year period of the Feed in Tariff.

Happy Customers

At Better Than Free Solar we know that a happy customer is our greatest asset. We work hard to ensure that we leave each customer fully satisfied and keep in touch after installation to monitor performance. Feel free to contact us now if you have any questions or queries about PV Solar. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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