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BGB Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical slip rings and we provide an extensive range of bespoke slip ring design solutions.

We manufactured the first slip rings to create a wind turbine slip ring for hub control systems, and we boast a variety of products to suit many industrial applications.

  • Barrel type slip rings
  • Modular type slip rings
  • 'Face type' or pancake slip rings
  • Fabricated, built-up and cast barrel type slip rings

Barrel Type Slip Rings

We produce and supply barrel type slip rings. Our barrel type slip rings are designed as a range of robust high-speed moulded slip ring assemblies. These moulded slip ring assemblies also lend themselves to a variety of slower and medium speed applications.

Applications include alternators, slip ring motors, frequency changers, cable reeling drums, cable bunching machines, rotary
display lighting and electro-magnetic clutches.

Barrel Type Slip Rings

Modular Series Slip Ring Assemblies

Our range of modular series slip ring assemblies is specifically designed to allow for greater adaptability and application of duty.

Modular series slip ring assemblies are suited to slow and medium speed and are perfect for power transmission of up to 30 amps, as well as all types of signal transmissions.

Modular Series Slip Ring Assemblies

Face Type Series Slip Ring Assemblies

We also provide numerous options in face type series slip ring assemblies.

Face type series slip ring assemblies are primarily designed for the transmission of signals but our range of face type series slip ring assemblies have also been developed to accommodate power transmissions.

Face Type Series Slip Ring Assemblies

Fabricated, Built-Up and Cast Slip Rings

With fabricated, built-up and cast slip rings, we provide the complete service. Our craftsmen engineers hand-build slip rings up to 380mm diameter to the highest specifications. Facilities include fabrication of units from DMC insulation and SRBF, built-up units using insulated steel hubs and heat expanded rings, and all types of re-building, re-insulating and repairing of slip ring units and carbon brushgear.

  • Re-building and re-insulating of slip rings
  • Repairing slip rings and carbon brushgear
  • Modifying standard slip rings and producing hand-built units for obsolescent machines
Fabricated, Built-Up and Cast Slip Rings

Slip Ring Assemblies

We provide the most comprehensive, versaile and vast service for slip ring assemblies. For slip ring assemblies, power and signal transfer units are available in the form of SPB's and SPF.

SPB's accommodate from three circuits up to a specified number. Barrel type slip rings are used and can be precious metal plated to specification.

For more information on our slip ring assemblies, visit our website.

Slip Ring Assemblies
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