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Bibby Scientific Ltd is one of the largest broad based manufacturers of laboratory products worldwide. Specialising in a range of benchtop laboratory equipment and high quality lab supplies, Bibby Scientific Ltd provides internationally recognised brands with reputations for product quality and exceptional performance. These famous brands are now brought together in a single package to offer an excellent level of quality, service and support.

Stuart® Benchtop Science Equipment
Stuart® offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of benchtop equipment available today. The entire range of benchtop equipment is protected by BioCote antimicrobial protection.

Techne® Equipment for the Life Sciences and Industrial Applications
Techne® is a long established name and world leader in the manufacture of temperature control and essential equipment for the life sciences, research, clinical, general laboratories, calibration and industrial applications. The lab products provided by Techne are the leading in cutting edge temperature control technology.

Jenway® Equipment for Analysis
Jenway® offers an extensive range of analytical instrumentation such as electrochemistry products, spectrophotometers, flame photometers and colorimeters. Jenway's laboratory equipment and lab supplies are high quality analytical instruments that assist scientists in their specific field of work and research.

Electrothermal are the newest addition to the Bibby Scientific portfolio and are market leaders in heating mantle design and manufacture. This latest range of the Bibby lab products have been specifically designed to control heating.

PCR Max®
PCR max offers a range of real time PCR instrumentation and end point thermal cyclers, along with an expanding range of lyophilised real time molecular diagnostic test kits.®
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Techne Calibration

Techne was established in 1950 in Duxford, Cambridge by Dr Norman de Bruyne, a specialist in laboratory and industrial temperature control equipment. In 2002, Techne was purchased by Bibby Scientific and in 2005 relocated to the Bibby UK headquarters in Stone, Staffordshire. Techne Calibration manufactures industrial equipment for 3 applications:

•    Thermal calibration of temperature probes and thermocouples
•    Thermal processing, heat treating and shape setting of metals
•    Thermal cleaning of polymers from steel extrusion tooling

Thermal calibration

Checking of temperature and thermal calibration is important in many industries including biotechnology, engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, food and beverage and more. Machines requiring thermal calibration include freezers, cold storage rooms, air conditioners, compressors, motors, boilers and pumps. There are 3 types of equipment Techne Calibration produce for Thermal Calibration

Thermal calibration

Dri-block Calibrators

Techne Tecal Dri-block Calibrators are a portable, accurate reference heat source used to calibrate a wide range of temperature probes, including PRT, RTD, P100 and most thermocouples. Techne produce 12 different portable Tecal  Calibrators, selected by temperature:

•    45°C below ambient to 140°C
•    5°C above ambient to 425°C
•    25°C above ambient to 650°C
•    25°C above ambient to 700°C
•    150°C to 1200°C

Each Calibrator temperature range contains of a basic model which just heats and calibrates as well as a high-spec version with the ability to connect to a laptop for programmability and switch test function. Workbench software is provided, along with USB or RS232 cables.

All units have rapid heating and cooling, the Tecal 140 has integrated peltier elements so it can cool to 20°C below ambient with no external chiller required. Using a Techne CH-5 chiller, temperatures down to about -20°C are possible. In the field, a technician would set the required temperature and then leave the Calibrator for about 10 minutes or the temperature to settle before using the Tecal Calibrator to calibrate a probe.

Other advantages of Techne Calibrators include their economic price, their high accuracy and precision, the 2dp display resolution and their large selection of thermal blocks allowing most types of regular shaped probes to be accommodated and calibrated. Each unit is provided with a calibration certificate and hard and soft carry cases are available. Tecal Calibrators are quick, easy, safe and clean to use.

Precision Fluidised Baths

Techne precision fluidised baths provide a precise, stable temperature source used in calibration laboratories for thermal calibration of temperature probes, particularly irregularly shaped sensors which cannot be calibrated in Dri-block calibrators.

•    This model is called the FB-08.
•    Temperature range 50°C to 700°C.
•    Eurotherm temperature controller.
•    The fluidising media is alumina - a fine white aluminium oxide powder.
•    Used by the RAF, MOD and Rolls Royce Aerospace for calibrating and testing engine and battery sensors.


In calibration laboratories, the optional dust suppression system can be used for sealed, silent operation. An optional probe holder is available which prevents heat loss, allows correct fluidisation and acts as a heat sink for high thermal stability.

•    This model is called the SBS-4.
•    Temperature range 50°C to 600°C.
•    The fluidising media is alundum, a course brown aluminium oxide.
•    An alundum overspill flange is provided as standard.

Variable analogue temperature control can be converted to more accurate digital temperature control with the addition of a TC-9D temperature controller and airflow meter. An air regulator/filter accessory is available to ensure dry, oil-free air is supplied for proper fluidisation.

Liquid Calibration Bath

Techne liquid calibration baths are compact, accurate devices used for thermal calibration of temperature sensors. They also facilitate precisely controlled externally circulated liquid. Usually, water is used, but Techne also supply specialist heat transfer fluids:

•    High temperature oil recommended temperature range 60°C to 250°C
•    Low temperature oil recommended temperature range -50°C to 60°C

There are 3 different sizes of calibration baths, 5L, 7L and 12L, all fully insulated for better heat retention. Temperature stability is ±0.005°C at 40°C and temperature range is -35°C to 250°C. All Techne calibration baths are supplied with an aluminium cover, lid and bridging plate.


Calibration bath thermal control is achieved via a clip-on Techne thermoregulator, ordered separately in a choice of 4 models:

•    Temperature range -40°C to +250°C
•    Analogue or digital temperature control
•    High temperature models feature RS232 cables and TechneWorks software for programmability.
•    Audible alarm in TU-20HT model.
•    Attach to refrigerated or standard liquid baths.


Techne supply a range of high-accuracy digital thermometers, including the Accu-temp II benchtop model with 2 channel input (extendable to 10) and a PRT measurement accuracy of ±0.010°C. Accompanying the Accu-temp II are 4 probe types:

•    Techne Platinum Resistance Thermometers.
•    WSP425 Working Standard Probe -50 to 425°C.
•    SSP660 Secondary Standard Probe -196 to 660°C.
•    WSTC1450 1450°C Type S thermocouple.



The combination of Tecal calibrator, high-accuracy thermometer, temperature probe, TechneWorks and laptop allows the technician to periodically recalibrate the Dri-block Calibrator. TechneWorks automatically calibrates and prints calibration certificates.  2 handheld thermometers are available:

•    Dostmann P700. Range -200°C to +1760°C. Accuracy ±0.1°C.
•    4500 thermometer. Range -40°C to 150°C. Accuracy ±0.015°C.

Precision fluidised Baths

Precision fluidised Baths are a temperature source for material and component QC labs used for thermal processing applications in Quality and Production departments. Applications include:

•    Stress testing of metals.
•    Heating of reactor vessels containing polymer/metal samples.
•    Shape-setting nitinol arterial stents and platinum tungsten coils.

Precision fluidised Baths use a fluidising medium called alundum. This is a dry, inert aluminium oxide which allows rapid heat transfer, precise temperature control and is safe and clean to use.


Techne produce 2 ranges of Precision fluidised Bath.

•    This model is called the SBL-2D.
•    Temperature range 50°C to 600°C.
•    Analogue temperature control (can upgrade to digital).
•    The fluidising media is alundum - a course brown aluminium oxide powder.
•    Used by Rolls Royce for fuel cell research and Cambridge University for metal heat stress testing.
•    A basket accessory is usually required for thermal processing. Used to retrieve samples and allow correct fluidisation



 •    This model is called the FB-08.
•    Temperature range 50°C to 700°C.
•    Eurotherm temperature control.
•    The fluidising media is alumina - a fine white aluminium oxide powder.
•    Used to shape set arterial stents and platinum tungsten coils used in angioplasty.
•    Much safer than traditional oil and salt baths.
•    The basket accessory helps load and retrieve parts from bath and it also allows for correct fluidisation of the alumina.

Thermal cleaning

Techne Industrial Fluidised Baths are widely used as thermal cleaning tool by polymer manufacturers. The Industrial Fluidised Bath removes plastic residues from extrusion tooling components, systems and parts quickly, safely and without damage to the tooling. Industrial Fluidised Baths contain dry, inert aluminium oxide particles called alundum. This has a course, brown powder appearance. In a fluidised state the alundum becomes mobile, with similar physical properties to a liquid, although freezing, boiling and evaporation is eliminated. Fluidisation evenly distributes heat for excellent high thermal stability. Industrial Fluidised Baths are an effective, safe and clean alternative to oil, salt, ultrasonic and molten-metal baths. Industrial Fluidised Baths are also more effective at cleaning residues from stainless-steel polymer extrusion tooling than ovens, furnaces and blow-torches with none of the associated risks of warping and damaging the expensive tools. Techne Industrial Fluidised Baths are widely used for cleaning dies, breaker plates, spinnerets, nozzles, extruder screws, tools, manifolds, tips and more. Techne have supplied Industrial Fluidised Baths to companies who extrude plastic tubes, rods, sheets, films, electrical cables and wires. There are 6 sizes of Industrial Fluidised Bath ranging from 5 litre to 64 litre working volume at temperatures up to 600°C. Between 30 minutes and 2 hours at 500°C is normally sufficient to achieve results in a Techne IFB.

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