Big Bear Clothing


Big Bear Clothing produce customised clothing for many purposes. The can produce sports wear, work wear, promotional clothing and much more.

The have the ability to supply, print and embroider textile garments to the customers specifications. They can even help in the design of the garments if required.

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Big Bear Clothing offer a technical and profession approach to clothing printing and embroidery.

They have the most sophisticaed technology for both printing and embroiding clothing.

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Big Bear Clothing can supply T-shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies, Sports wear, Fleeces, Safety Wear and Jackets.

We can also supply Trousers, Accessories, Hats and Bags, Shirts and Blouses and School Wear.

We can embroider and print all of our supplied clothing.

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For more information and the details of all our products please visit our website.

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