Big Brute Industries Ltd


We provide a comprehensive range of industrial vacuum cleaners for a wealth of applications suited especially for agricultural sectors.

Our industrial vacuum cleaners include farm vacuum cleaners used to clean up in rafters or down in pits without losing any essential suction. They are designed to withstand rough usage around farm settings and are extremely durable.

Our industrial vacuum cleaners are also ideal for dealing with warehouse floor space and can effectively vacuum without stirring up any dust. 

Big Brute Industries Ltd

Here at Big Brutes Industries Ltd we design, manufacture and supply the Big Brutes range of industrial vacuum cleaners.

Big Brutes Industries Ltd has been supplying vacuum cleaners for over 25 years and through of experience we provide our customers with many off the shelf standard machines or tailored machines matched to requirements.

 Our main ranges and services include:

  • Flood Water Extraction/Removal
  • Dry, wet and dry, liquids, heavy swarf or oil
  • Long, wide hoses that don't kink or block
  • Floor-mounted brush for warehouse floors
  • "Awesome" suction power
  • Can be tailor-made to meet your individual requirements
  • On-site demonstrations (UK mainland)

Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute Warehouseman industrial vacuum cleaner is a large, durable and hard-wearing vacuum cleaner designed to clean warehouse floors. It can also be integrated with wider suction hoses and long cables to deal with larger warehouse spaces.

The Big Brute Warehouseman industrial vacuum cleaner can even pick up super fine powder without stirring it up. The machine is powered up and pushed along at a walking pace with easy manoeuvrable features.

Cleaning Wood Shops and Joinery Shops

For cleaning wood shops and joinery shops, we provide industrial vacuum cleaners to keep a safe and dust free working area. Where sweeping up debris with a boom creates a lot of dust, our machines for cleaning wood shops and joinery shops will not disturb more dust.

It is also powerful enough to suck up saw dust, wood shaving and small portions of wood. It also has additional hand tools to aid further cleaning on woodworking machinery.

Big Brute Floodman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute Floodman industrial vacuum cleaners have an automatic pump for improved controlled emptying. The Big Brute Floodman industrial vacuum cleaners will suck up flood water to a rate of one gallon per second.

The also have an automatic, integral pump to empty over two gallons per second and are suited for rapid flood water extraction.

Big Brute Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Our Big Brute wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners are able to suck up liquids like flood water and sludge at one gallon per second. Because the vacuum cleaner can be used wet and dry, it can also handle dry waste.

The Big Brute wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners are very easy to empty and perfectly suited to clearing up the after effects of flooding.

Big Brute Suck and Dump Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Our Big Brute suck and dump industrial vacuum cleaners means emptying heavy loads like hard core and waste rubber is easy and can quickly be distributed into skips.

Big Brute suck and dump industrial vacuum cleaners have an integrated discharge chute to empty its contents and are available in mobile or static models. They are also available with coned bases or flat bases for a mix of liquids and solids.

Big Brute Skip Tip Trolley

Our ranges of the Big Brute skip tip trolley are compatible with any of our industrial vacuum cleaners and can make life incredible easy when it comes to rapidly and safely disposing of heavy loads.

The Big Brute skip tip trolley can be used in the tines of your forklifts and raise the trolley over the stop of any sized skip. It is controlled by a rotating hydraulic hand pump and can be used without posing any potential danger to the user.

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