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Here at The Big Orchard, we have a fantastic selection of different plan storage and paper storage devices.  We have plan chest, plan files, plan hanger systems and planhorse paper storage products. We also make bespoke furniture to meet your specific requirements.

Wacom - Digital Displays & Graphics Tablets

Take your design work to the next level with digital drawing boards, graphics tablets and pen & touch displays. Work seemlessly with the creative programs you love in a whole new intuative way. Featuring pen and touch feedback the Wacom Cintiq and Intuos range of digital graphic input devices allow you to control the pressure / stroke size and pen angle with high levels of precision. 

BeamBox LED Light Box

Introducing the BeamBox LED light box designed to inspire designers. Backlit LED system is super efficient and provides unparalleled light distribution with colour corrected LED illumination. Order you BeamBox light boxes online now.

Ackworth Drawing Board

Our Ackworth drawing board is a free standing drawing board with counter weight parallel motion and folding A-frame stand. Drawing tables suitable for both students and professionals, available in A0, A1 and A2 board sizes.

Low Level Drawing Table

Our low level drawing table features a spring balanced twin column stand able to lower the drawing board down to a standard desk height. Available in A0 or A1, the low level drawing table is fitted with a counter balanced parallel motion.

Denby Drafting Table

Our Denby drafting table is a floor standing, A0 or A1, drafting table fitted with a professional 360 drafting machine. It is fully adjustable with a free standing twin column stand.

Light Box

We have an impressive collection of light boxes including Slimline Light Panel, Beam Light Table, Medallion Light Panel, BeamBox Light Box, Priory BeamTec Light Table and Denby BeamTec Light Table. We are able to create custom light boxes and tables to your own specification. 

Ackworth Drafting Table

We stock the Ackworth drafting table with a professional 360 drafting machine fitted. It has a free-standing folding A-frame stand and is available for A0 and A1 paper sizes.

Triangular Scale Rulers

We stock metric triangular scale rulers, available in 30cm (300mm) and 15cm  (150mm) aluminium and 30cm plastic. Our triangular scale rulers feature up to 11 different metric scales on colour coded faces. We also supply wide range of instruments and drawing equipment

Pure-Air Extraction Booth

Our Pure-Air extraction booth is a safe and reliable way to extract harmful particulates and odours to the outdoors. Our spray booths are available in A1 and A2 with a steel booth and extractor.

Orchard Metal Plan Chest

We stock the heavy duty Orchard metal plan chest in both A0 and A1 sizes. Orchard plan chests have a sleek and modern design and strong construction drawers. Running on roller bearings, Orchard metal plan chests feature metal D-handles and available in a range of standard colours.

Planhorse Plan Clamp System

The Planhorse paper management system includes clamps and mobile hanger stands. They are suitable for drawing offices and archives. Along with wall racks for A0, A1 and A2 paper the Planhorse system creates laarge capacity paper storage.

Slimline Light Panel

Our slimline light panel is extremely thin and practical. The A2, A3 and A4 portable light box includes a fold out back stand, paper retainer and calibrations, suitable for detailed design and art work.

Acrylic Block Magnetic Sign Holders

We provide stylish acrylic block magnetic sign holders for clean looking branding or eye-catching promotions. The acrylic magnetic sign holders sandwiches your artwork between two crystal clear blocks of acrylic. They are suitable for restaurant menus or wine lists and are available in A4, A5, A6 and A7 or can be custom made.

Posterfix Sign Holders

Posterfix are reusable wall mounted sign holders which can be branded and customised to meet your specification. They create a double sided display for windows or walls and are available in A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 size landscape or portrait.

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