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The Bilco Company was established in America in 1926 and has for many decades designed and supplied access products for construction and engineering industries all over the world. 

In 1989, Bilco UK & Europe was formed and has built a reputation amongst architects, engineers, specifiers, and the construction trades for providing the right access solution.

Smoke Ventilation

In fire situations, most deaths and injuries are caused by fumes and smoke, not flames. Having an efficient and effective means of ventilating smoke and noxious fumes saves lives and can assist the emergency services greatly in facilitating fire fighting and evacuation.

Bilco smoke vents are designed to satisfy Building Regulations and meet Approved Document B, BS 9999 (which supercedes BS5588) and European Standards enshrined in EN 12101. As of 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation came into force which requires smoke vents to be CE marked and to be supplied with a Declaration of Conformity. Bilco smoke vents have been fully tested and carry the CE mark as required by the new legislation.

For the EN 12101 key areas of the regulations are that the covers must reach the fire open position within 60 seconds and that single covers open to 140° to ensure there are no negative wind coefficients ie wind blowing smoke back into the building.

Bilco smoke vents are also compatible with other guidance and codes of practices, for example those issued by the British Research Establishment such as BRE 79204.

Floor Doors

Based in Suffolk, Bilco can supply the trade with a range of standard roof hatches, smoke vents, and floor doors in various sizes and materials direct from stock, delivered by a nationwide pallet-line system or dedicated consignment. Standard items are delivered anywhere in the UK in 3-4 working days and best of all, there’s no extra charge. If a special product is required, the fast-track shop allows delivery in an industry leading 4-6 weeks.

Bilco also provides technical assistance for more complex product requirements. The technical department will assist you to develop a creative design solution for your unique applications. Quality access products comply with current Building Regulations & Legislation, and are engineered to provide many years of trouble-free service.

Floor Doors

Roof Hatches

Bilco roof hatches provide safe and convenient roof access by means of an interior ladder, ship stair, or service stair. Larger sized hatches are also available to facilitate the easy movements of equipment to and from a building. Each aluminium hatch comes with a 10 year guarantee.

The curb upstand is manufactured with a cap-flashing that includes the Bilclip™ flashing system which accepts a variety of felts and membranes. As a result installation time and related costs are greatly reduced and a more effective mechanical termination which does not rely on adhesives alone is provided. Alternatively a metal curb liner can be specified to make site installation easier, ideally suited for hot-works, wet applied waterproofing and standing seam roofs.

Customised designs are also available which can feature security options, motorised operation, a range of paint finishes and safety aids.

Roof Hatches

Fixed Vertical and Retractable Ladders

As one of the best known UK suppliers of roof access hatches and smoke vents, Bilco has now launched a range of ladders which allow the company to offer their customers a total roof access solution. Both fixed vertical ladders and retractable ladders in a wide range of sizes are available. Bilco can offer a range of optional extras and also a tailored solution if special sizes are required. Fixed ladders can be in either aluminium or galvanised steel and can be supplied with safety cages and guard rails if required. Companionway ladders can also be supplied manufactured to the customer requirements. Retractable ladders can be supplied with or without a trap door and lining and have a number of options including:

  • Hand rails
  • Electric operation
  • F30 or F90 Fire rated trap doors


  • Fixed vertical ladder
  • Fixed vertical ladder with safety cage
  • Fixed vertical ladder with safety cage and guardrail
  • Companionway ladder
  • Retractable ladder
  • Retractable ladder with trap door and lining
Fixed Vertical and Retractable Ladders

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