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Bingham trailers has been established since 1984. We are a well respected company building high quality catering trailers, exhibition trailers and bespoke trailers for the public and trade. All of our trailers are manufactured in the UK.

We take special pride in the design and workmanship of our trailers; this makes them renown for there quality. We have helped many customers realise their dream of achieving a highly profitable business at an extremely affordable price.

During our 26 years in business we have always kept to the same motto. "If you can describe it, we can build it", as you can imagine, this has led to some very unusual and interesting trailers.

Event/Exhibition Trailers

Made just the way you need 

Exhibition trailer units
are a very big part of our work at Bingham Trailers. All units are individually designed to meet your specific requirements. So no matter what you need to promote, we are able to supply the trailer you need.

Wide range

We have designed and built everything from small units for exhibiting mobile phones right up to 22ft units for Mars Confectionary.

Event/Exhibition Trailers

Bespoke Trailers

if you can describe it...

Our Bespoke trailers are often based on a theme for promotional purposes and we have made trailers to many varied specifications to include those in the shapes of Narrow boats, Houses, Trams and Pyramids.

...we can build it

So whatever your business is selling, contact us today to see how we can help you stand out from your competitors.

Bespoke Trailers

What do you need?

Our brand new catering shop is now open, come and see us or call today.

We have a huge range of catering items for sale. From sauce bottles to heavy duty 6 burner gas ovens and from donut fryers to heated display cabinets, we have everything you need to fit out your new catering trailer or to breathe new life into old catering trailer!

Our experienced team are happy to work closely with you to plan the layout, and give advice on the many catering equipment options that we can offer - We can supply any accessories and fittings that you require as part of our service.

We have a close working relationship with many respected catering equipment suppliers and are happy to order for you direct and/or fit your equipment for you.

What do you need?

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