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Bioquell UK Ltd is a world leader in providing hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination equipment and services. Our decontamination technology is used throughout the world to tackle applications dealing with the problematic issues of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our solutions often provide an alternative to conventional decontamination methods like chlorine and formaldehyde based products.

Bioquell UK Ltd provides their services to a variety of industries include defence, life sciences and healthcare. Our systems provide residue-free and safe sterilisation of rooms, equipment and buildings, suitable for use on sensitive electronics.

Bioquell For Healthcare

Bioquell for healthcare services provide high quality decontamination solutions in order to help protect against hospital infections. Hospital acquired infections, or 'superbugs,' are rapidly becoming a huge issue for administrators and senior clinicians in hospitals around the globe. Bioquell for healthcare products include the use of hydrogen peroxide vapour technology. This unique technology is proven to be highly effective against a wide range of environmentally associated nosocomial pathogens.

Bioquell For Life Sciences

Our Bioquell for life sciences service include HPV technology. This is the method of choice for the biotech, biomedical, biologics, and pharmaceutical sectors. Bioquell for life sciences specialise in the creation, manufacture and application of a range of solutions for airborne and surface contamination in environments.

We have been operating in the life sciences sector for many years and have become a premier provider of bio-decontamination products and services, as well as consultancy.

Bioquell For Defence

Our range of products and Bioquell for defence services consist of designing, developing, producing and supporting systems for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defence military vehicles. Our Bioquell for defence includes using HPV technology to eliminate biological weapons and chemical weapons from sensitive equipment and critical facilities.

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