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Birch Brothers (Kidderminster) Ltd celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2007. We have always prided ourselves on providing high quality civil engineering services at a competitive rate.

We specialise in civil engineering works for the water industry in its broadest sense. We also offer expertise and experience in general civil engineering, groundworks and retaining wall construction

Flood Prevention

Birch Brothers (Kidderminster) Ltd is a highly experienced and respected civil engineering contractor specialising in water control. We may be able to help you overcome your local problem.

Recommendations at the present time if you have suffered flooding:

Record the highest flood level

Note where the water enters your land

If water has entered your land from the ground or drains beneath, make sure you know where

Check who else has been affected

Did the water come from a watercourse, highway drainage or surface flows from higher land?

Flood Prevention

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations works are another part of our civil engineering portfolio. We have constructed “clean” water and “dirty” water pumping stations.

The majority of our clients are from the public sector in the West Midlands.

Pumping station contracts involve civils, mechanical and electrical expertise. Our experience means we are able to offer the full civils, mechanical and electrical package. We are equally happy working with your choice of mechanical and electrical supplier.

Pumping Stations

Reservoirs and Dams

Our experience on reservoirs and dams includes essential construction as well as leisure projects. We have constructed water management systems including storm relief channels, flood relief channels, spillways and draindown facilities.

In the maintenance fields we have undertaken desilting projects, leak repairs, relining work, control tower refurbishment and concrete repairs.

Larger scale works extend to bypass pipework, overflow channels, rock armouring, dam relining and reservoir decommissioning.

Related amenity construction works have included footpaths, slipways and footbridges.

Reservoirs and Dams

High rise refuse chute

We offer the full replacement service i.e. demolition, floor aperture enlargement, supply and installation of chutes, fire stopping, bricking or blocking up, lightweight grout surround, plastering, rendering and decorating.  We also offer associated works such as quench and electrical alterations and refuse collection.

Our refuse chutes, hoppers and auto fire cut offs are generally supplied by Dartford Metalcrafts Ltd., one of the two UK steel chute manufacturers.  Dartford Metalcrafts Ltd’s refuse chutes are manufactured in 3mm thick stainless steel, with a thirty year guarantee and are fully compliant with the latest standards.

High rise refuse chute

Sewerage and Drainage

We are sympathetic to the challenges and constraints of each particular sewerage and drainage project. Whether it’s an urban environment where traffic management and public access issues are important to minimise disruption, an industrial site where productivity and logistics are a priority or a rural site where environmental and ecological matters all require close attention, we have the sensitivity and experience to manage the project.

Sewerage and Drainage
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