Birmingham Mint Ltd, The

The Birmingham Mint Limited:

Custom Coins & Medals

Custom Cufflinks & Jewellery (Male / Female)

Produced in various carats of Gold, Silver, or Base Metals

Established in 1794, The Birmingham Mint has, through the years, earned a global reputation for its high quality products. Today, it is the oldest independent Mint in the world and employs the most sophisticated plant and equipment in its pursuit of excellence. Rewards for personal endeavour and achievement within organisations and in sport are synonymous with the presentation of a medal. A medal or coin is regarded universally as a lasting and valued tribute to an individual. Alternatively, they may celebrate a specific event or moment in time.

These products can be supplied to meet exact customer requirements for design, materials, specification and presentation format. A choice of standard medal designs and finishes is also available where time and budget are the main considerations.
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