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BiS is an internationally recognised company with over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of small bore stainless steel pressure and flow control valves for high pressure liquid and gas.

Operating in a variety of sectors, we are a leading supplier to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry for topside, subsea and downhole applications where quality, reliability and safety are critical.

With an extensive range of standard products and a bespoke design service we aim to provide the right solutions for your applications.


BiS has a strong profile and presence in the international offshore oil and gas market in both topside and subsea applications. Products are designed mainly for the low flow, high pressure control valve market, where demands for higher pressures and total reliability in the most extreme environments constantly push design boundaries. Working with materials from stainless steel to more exotic materials, such as inconel or titanium, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution, whatever the application.

As a supplier to the oil and gas topside market, our products are widely specified for use on a range of applications including hydraulic power units, work over control systems and chemical injection systems. As a solution provider, BiS also design, manufacture and supply complete integrated manifolds to meet our customers specific requirements.

Our standard, cartridge and manifold mounted flow and pressure control products are also suited to and specified in a wide range of industries, including water hydraulics, fuel distribution, metal manufacturing, industrial gas control and process control.

BiS Valves also has extensive experience providing products for subsea and downhole applications such as wellhead control, emergency shut-down and remotely operated vehicles. A strong design team, backed up with the latest test equipment are well suited to development of the bespoke products often required for subsea applications.


Alongside our large range of standard products, BiS has the capability to design and manufacture the special product that is the perfect fit for your system.

Using our experience of fluids, materials and seals, our team of hydraulics engineers use computer aided design tools to develop the right solutions. Designs can be qualified for use via in-house test facilities, which can include flow, pressure, environmental and hyperbaric testing, and special testing through external facilities when required.


In a competitive market place, we recognise the importance of customer care, whether your requirement is for a single valve from our standard range, or large quantities of multiple products for a specific project, or for a bespoke design. Our team constantly strive to provide customers with a prompt, efficient service, competitive lead times, on-time deliveries, and products designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in accordance with strict quality control procedures.

We enjoy a reputation for short lead times, and our flexible manufacturing methods give us the capability to respond to your most urgent requirements.


BiS Valves market and support their range of products through a network of international stocking distributors, based in strategic countries.


All BiS Valves products are backed up by a team of hydraulics design engineers. As well as making continuous improvements to the current range, and designing new products, the team are ready to help you find the right solution for your application.

Our design service can include making simple modifications to existing valves, to make them an exact match for your requirements, through to development of a complete new valve.

One of our most popular product solutions are hydraulic manifolds, where we can incorporate several valves into a single unit. This improves installation, reducing the number of expensive fittings required, makes servicing easier since pipe work does not have to be removed when a valve needs servicing, and minimises potential leakage points in the system.

We can also offer design consultancy services, and we have the capability to work with you to design new products and systems, and to develop your existing designs. Contact us for details.


Manufacturing of BiS Valves products is mostly carried out in our own factory near Wimborne, Dorset, where we have extensive machining facilities devoted to close tolerance manufacture of stainless steel valve parts. In order to achieve the high levels of seat integrity required by the demanding low leakage applications that we serve in the offshore oil and gas industry, sound manufacturing and assembly techniques are essential, and are even more critical when handling more exotic materials such as monel, inconel, hastelloy and titanium.


BiS Valves has an extensive and growing list of in-house testing capability, both for production testing and for qualification work.

This includes hydraulic testing to 1379 bar (20,000 psi), flow and pressure drop testing,pressure decay and leakage testing. Test mediums include mineral oil, water, various water glycols and nitrogen. Our capabilities, which are augmented by external testing when necessary, also include high pressure gas testing, environmental testing, hyperbaric facilities and shock and vibration testing.


As an ISO 9001:2008 company, our objective is to be your preferred partner and supplier, providing you with product solutions that are engineered to meet your exacting requirements, delivered on time, with a commitment to through-life support and above all, to the quality standards demanded in today’s business arena. We will continue to achieve this by focussing all personnel into sustaining the standards established by our quality system and through continuous improvement and innovation in our products, design, manufacturing and business systems.

At BiS, quality is of paramount importance, and particular care is taken to ensure that the product is well finished, as well as dimensionally correct. Every batch of components is inspected by our quality department before it is released for assembly, or to the customer, ensuring we get it right first time.

Our Quality Assurance Management System approvals include:-

- BS EN ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Systems

- ATEX Directive 94/9/EC - Equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

- Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)





BiS offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel check valves and shuttle valves for use on a wide range of operating media. The check valves are available with port sizes from ¼” to 2” and the shuttle valves are available with port sizes from ¼” to ½”.

The check valves are suitable for use on liquid and gases, with pressures up to 1379 bar (20,000 psi).
The sealed poppet technology used in the valve design offers excellent leakage performance throughout the pressure range.

The shuttle valves are available for pressure ranges up to 690 bar (10,000 psi) and variants are available for both liquid and gas duty.

Our data sheets are designed to give all the information you need to select the right product for your application, but as always, our sales team are ready to answer your questions.

The 12,000 psi rated NR series valve range has been extended to include medium pressure ports, a lower cost option for the increasing number of clients who wish to utilise a high integrity piping system without needing the full 20,000 psi pressure rating. Meanwhile, our 20,000 psi check valves have been upgraded to use super duplex external parts as standard, for even greater corrosion resistance.

The YV25 yield valve is a new product, combining a full flow check valve with a reverse thermal relief function, ensuring that critical downstream components are not damaged when temperature fluctuations increase the pressure that would be trapped behind traditional check valve designs.

Also cartridge and manifold mount check valve products, and shuttle valves that select the higher of two input pressures, often used to combine supplies in dual redundancy systems, we have a valve for nearly every situation and with our reputation for bespoke supply, when we don’t have the valve you need, we can design it for you.



BiS offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel safety relief and relief valves for use on a wide range of media, from low pressure valves that vent to atmosphere, to high pressure (1379 bar, 20,000 psi) piped return valves.
Typically, low pressure valves offer a pop-open characteristic, while higher pressure valves offer proportional or metering style operation.

BiS relief valves are CE marked to denote approval as Category IV safety accessories under the 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive.

Many options are available, including cartridge and manifold mounted versions, and many valves are available in exotic materials, including monel, inconel, hastelloy and titanium.



BiS offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel shut-off and metering valves for use on a wide range of operating media.
The range includes shut-off valves intended for leak tight isolation and metering valves for flow or speed control, with and without reverse flow check functions.

Designs are available up to 1,379 bar (20,000 psi), with a large number of installation options, including in-line ported and cartridge style valves.
New to the range, shut-off valves are now available in configurations that match industry standard porting layouts for medium pressure valves.



BiS offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel directional control valves for use on a wide range of operating media, from 2 position 3 port and 2 position 4 port balanced spool valves to 3 position 4 port rotary control shear seal valves.

The balanced spool valves are unique in design. They are completely bi-directional with the same CV value in all directions. The actuation of these valves is completely independent from the main line pressures, ensuring switching is consistent and very low levels of leakage are maintained.

The rotary shear seal valves are lever operated and can be configured as 2 position 4 port or 3 position 4 port valves.
The valves are lever operated offering 90° manual actuation, with a range of centre conditions. The shear seal design ensures the valves offer excellent leakage performance with good contamination resistance.

4 Ported Directional Control Valves -



BiS currently design and manufacture bespoke manifold solutions for many customers for both topside and subsea environments. Typically the manifolds are manufactured from 316 stainless steel material ensuring suitability for onshore and offshore environments.

The manifolds are designed and manufactured at our facility in the south of England and we have recently invested in new machinery to increase our capacity in this area.

When designing a manifold, we would typically start from a customers circuit diagram, from which the engineering team at BiS would package the circuit into a manifold solution, using valves from our extensive product range.

Manifolds offer several advantages over conventional piped solutions and prove cost effective to both system builders and users.



We offer direct acting 2 position 3 port solenoid actuated valves for use as pilot valves and for single stage operation with flows up to 15 l/min. A number of solenoid thrusters are available, including industrial enclosures; subsea designs and ATEX approved solenoids for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas. Manufactured mostly from stainless steel, valves are available as standard ported designs or for manifold mounting, and for use with a range of media, including air and other gases, oil, water, water glycol mixes and sea water.


Our range of stop and metering valves can be supplied to suit your installation configuration requirements, including inline, manifold mounted or cartridge types for inclusion in your own manifold. Stop valves provide a full positive shut-off function, while metering valves, which are mostly supplied with a graduated micrometer style adjustment, can be used to provide speed control or any other simple orifice function where adjustment is required. Pressure compensated flow control valves are also available, providing a constant flow rate in situations where the load or supply pressure varies.


Our standard range comprises single and dual pilot operated check valves, decompression checks designed to reduce shock when a high pressure line is opened, and unloader valves. Actuation may be achieved by hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever or cam.


BiS Valves offer a wide range of filtration products, ranging from small component protection filters or strainers to full pressure main line filter units. Available with a wide range of mesh ratings, our F and EF series filters can provide vital protection for contaminant sensitive downstream components, and are particularly designed to protect against rogue pieces of debris that have passed the main line filtration or were built into the system during manufacture. Our SF and DF filters may be used as main line filters in the supply line, and offer various features such as bypasses, clogging indicators, and for the duplex style filters, on-line servicing.


The 3SV series-sensing valve is configured to provide a low-pressure signal switch, dependent on a separate sensed pressure of up to 414 bar (6,000 psi). The product can be used to provide a pilot pressure signal to actuate another valve when the status of a second service rises or falls beyond a pre-set pressure.


Our range of low flow piston pumps offer high pressures up to 827 bar (12,000 psi). Designed for use primarily with mineral oil, certain limited use with water glycols is also permitted.


We have a comprehensive range of actuators for our complete range of products. Choose  from pneumatic or hydraulic, diaphragm or piston actuators. In addition we also offer Solenoid (Baseefa approved) and manual rotary and linear actuators.

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