Biscor Ltd.

Biscor Limited manufactures, converts and markets heat resistant fabrics of glass fibre, Kevlar® , Nomex®, polyester, filter media and woven wire. These technically advanced materials are enhanced at our Bradford plant with fluorocarbon (for example Teflon®) or Silicone rubber coatings, both famous for their outstanding resistance to extremes of temperature, to the most severe chemical and biological environments, to physical stress and for their non-stick properties.

As well as manufacturing the base fabric, Biscor is one of the worlds largest and most innovative converters of high performance coated fabrics. The company employs highly skilled techniques - among them, heat bonding, laminating, machine cutting and sewing with special machines - which mirror the integration of traditional craft and high technology in the fabrics themselves.

The resultant products comprise process and conveyor belting, adhesive and non adhesive barrier sealing tapes, release sheets, seals, electronic and mechanical gaskets and covers, as well as laminates for bearing and slide applications. They assist in the bonding of composite airframe structures, the sealing of plastic packaging and window frames, and the transport of products through industry's drying and curing ovens.
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