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Bizerba UK Ltd and our products have been in the UK for over 40 years and are offices are located in Hemel Hempstead just 22 miles north of London.

We now have a diverse team of sales and service colleagues across the UK and Ireland.

Bizerba UK Ltd supply and provide services for a range of industries such as chemical processing, hazardous area environments, retail, food production, and packaging and logistics. 

Load Receptors

Our industrial scales consist of two components the first being the weighing terminal and the other one or more load receptors. Their weighing capabilities range from 20 kg to 60 tonnes.

Our weighing platforms can be manufactured VA steel, painted and galvanised. We provide surface quality to suit any requirement and can produce equipment to precise measurement.

Our load receptors include standard and precision load receptors, load receptors for labelling equipment and special load receptors.  

Control Scales

Our new control scales and checker (CWM 6000/10000) delivers exceptional weight checks to comply with weight packing standards.

Control scales also provide secure process control for a range of applications for operations in manufacturing and sales. It easily handles 150 packs per minute. 

Control Scales

CWM 750

The new CWM 750 weight checker from us provides accurate weight checks to comply with all weight packing standards and laws.

The CWN 750 is a durable process control instrument with a diverse range of operations suitable for many industry sectors.

CWM 750

Bizerba Communication Tool

We have developed of Bizerba communication tool to link our industrial scales, printers and labelling systems with just one communication software package.

No matter what the type of connection and device any communication that occurs with Bizerba communication tool is the Bizerba BxNet language.

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