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From a simple Windows application to more complex embedded product design, Black Swan Systems are able to provide a range of project management solutions that meet your exact requirements. So no matter whether you require help in developing an existing project or if you are starting from scratch, we are able to discuss with you about creating a tailored made package to suit your exact requirements.

We have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in offering effective project management solutions to budget, timescale and that meet your goals. This means you can be confident in our solutions fulfilling your projects expectations.

Software Design

All our software design solutions are done with a modular topology approach, ensuring all our coding is efficient, flexible and secure. We make sure no matter whether it is an existing project or new concept, we have a sound understanding of our client’s objectives, ensuring the most effective methods are used. So whether you are developing on ARM, PowerPC, IP Core DSP, Microchip PIC or Blackfin, our experience and expertise allow us to set realistic timescales, regular reviews of software designs and objectives and 100% code coverage testing before being released.

With all our software design solutions, we aspire to keep our clients well informed, with a responsive and flexible attitude throughout all processes of the project.

Our software skills include:

  • Perl, Python, Java, SQL and PHP
  • Assembly language for various DSP’s
  • Fixed and floating point ANSI C (embedded platforms)
  • Microsoft C++ (Windows/Windows CE)

Hardware Design

If you require fine pitch surface mount components or 2, 4 or 6 layer boards, we are able to provide exceptional hardware design solutions. Using a diverse range of modern software packages, at Black Swan Systems we are able to develop, build and test our hardware designs in the shortest led times, with the necessary expertise to write both device drivers and ingrate low level software. No matter your requirements, we are able to provide our clients with a robust platform, allowing them to further develop their products.

From the early design stages through to the final stages, we have the knowledge and expertise to help in developing and creating better performance products. By working closely with your engineers, we will ensure to meet required deadlines, budgets and specifications at every stage of the project.

IT and Audio Systems

At Black Swan Systems, we have a broad range of engineering disciplines including IT and audio systems to meet your exact requirements. Although small, we work with vast range of companies from larger suppliers to small niche technology markets. With many years expertise in installing and maintaining small to medium sized IT infrastructures, we are confident in providing you with IT and audio systems that meet your exact requirements.

Within our IT solutions, we are able to accommodate your IT business requirements, from a single home office PC to a multi-site and user network. No matter whether you have a Windows, Apple or Linux system, we are able to source the ideal equipment to ensure your business continues to perform smoothly.

Black Swan Systems

At Black Swan Systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide exceptional project management solutions, whether it’s providing consultancy to existing projects or undertaking assignments for new product development. From simple Bluetooth communication devices to complex DSP voice systems, Black Swan Systems are able to meet and exceed our client exceptions through our incredible communication and experience in embedded development solutions. 

We aim to make the whole process very simple and straightforward, with our open and enthusiastic approach when dealing with projects. This ensures you will not be kept in the dark through any stage of the project, with our commercial terms easy to understand and engineers both friendly and professional. If you have a new project or require additional expertise on an existing project, please get in touch. 

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