Blackburn Yarn Dyers Ltd


We are commission dyers of yarn on both cones and beams using micro-processor controlled, high temperature dyeing equipment for the dyeing of cotton, cotton blends, nylon, polyester, viscose, linen, cashmere, wool and wool blends

The company was one of the pioneers in the use of vat dyes and also process direct fast to light, reactive and sulphur dyes on cotton and disperse dyes on polyester.

Our shade matching and recipe formulation is carried out using the latest computer colour matching equipment

On site we have our own laboratory where many in-house tests are carried out I.e. Wash fastness / light fastness. There are also sample dye vessels in which are processed new shades etc.

As a long established business, we have built our success and reputation on our high quality processes and personal level of service we offer our customers. Our business is geared to precise dyelots and rapid turn around, to accommodate the specific needs of the current UK textile industry

Package Dyers

Package dyeing of weft yarns for the weaving industry as well as hosiery and knitwear

  • Winding, Rewinding and waxing using Precision SSM winding machines
  • Computerised colour controlled Dyeing - Dye lot sizes from 1 to 500 kilo
  • Batch and Streamed Radio Frequency Drying
  • Delivery to destinations in UK, Europe and World Wide
Package Dyers

Beam Dyers

Dyeing and Tape/Sizing of warps for the weaving industry.

  • Beaming of warps for the weaving industry
  • Single or multiple Dyeing using computerised dyestuff management
  • Tape frames capable of producing solid colour and pattern warps,
  • Sized or un-sized onto individual weavers beams,
  • Flexible finished beam sizes allowing for 600mm to 3500mm between flanges
  • Flange diameters up to 1000mm.
Beam Dyers


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