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We are specialists in chemical metal blacking, and offer protective coating products to many industry sectors. Our chemical blacking and metal blacking systems allow the degreasing, conditioning, blacking, dewatering and air drying of all your metal products.

A few main applications of the chemical metal blacking system are listed below:

  • Hand tools
  • Metal working equipment
  • Tool holders and cutters
  • Machine builders
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal working contractors

Blacking Process

Our room temperature blacking process is a simple dip operation that is specifically designed for use in factories.

The blacking process is achieved by chemical conversion of the metal surface and involves degreasing, immersion in a surface conditioner. Blacking solution full instructions are on our website. Corrosion protection is achieved by a final immersion in a dewatering oil.

The following products from our range are available:

  • Iron and steel blacking solution
  • Antique brass, copper, pewter solution
  • Antique zinc solution
  • Degreasing solutions and powders
  • Acid pickling solutions
  • Alloy wheel strippers
  • Dewatering oils
  • Rust removers
  • Paint strippers
Blacking Process


At Blackfast, we offer a complete antiquing process for a wide variety of metals. Antiquing will achieve an aesthetically pleasing look for numerous items from furniture fittings, suitcase fittings and buckles to coins, clocks and jewellery.

 The following metals can be worked with our antiquing process:

  • Pewter
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Silver

Lacquer Process

We offer professional lacquer process products for aluminium, stainless steel and many non-ferrous metals. In addition to the improved corrosion resistance, the lacquer process offers many other benefits.

These include:

  • Minimum rejects on coating zinc diecast
  • Brass, gold, and bronze has no need for electroplating
  • Provides direct coating on polished or vibro castings
  • Lower costs
  • Non hazardous processing
  • Low cost equipment
Lacquer Process

Blacking Applications

We provide the blacking process for many applications in a wide range of industry sectors.

Industrial machinery blacking for printing machines, presses, saws, measuring equipment, turbines and injection moulding machines only demonstrates a small portion of our product capabilities. We also cater for various machinery parts, fasteners and miscellaneous items with the blacking process.

Blacking Applications
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