Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics

Blackstone-Ney Inc. a world leader in Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic industrial cleaning systems
  • Ultrasonic bench top tanks and consoles
  • Ultrasonic generators multi frequency
  • Ultrasonic immersible transducers
  • Flood and spray systems
  • Aqueous cleaning systems
  • Industrial fluids recycling
  • Cellular cleaning systems
  • Industrial oil recovery systems

Blackstone-Ney are part of the Cleaning Technologies Group based in America. Represented in the UK and Ireland by D G Holmes Engineering Ltd. (Trading as Ransohoff) All cleaning applications are covered by the vast range of machines manufactured by Blackstone-Ney Inc. and Ransohoff Inc.

Component Wash Solutions

We offer an extensive range of component wash solutions including;

Component Wash Solutions

Equipment Refurbishment

Reconditioning or design modifications can be an important cost-savings measure in planning and preparing for new or changing production requirements

  • Onsite technical support services for troubleshooting and machine evaluations
  • Re-tooling due to part changes, production changes, or process improvement
  • Ultrasonics system service, rebuild or retrofit
  • Periodic machine maintenance and overhaul
  • Major rehabilitation of older wash systems
  • Rusted or corroded tank and drum rebuild or replacement
  • Electrical, piping and mechanical repairs
  • Can provide updated mechanical and electrical drawings reflecting machine revisions
  • Stock many components and can ship them to you in a moments notice
  • Bolt-on or integrated oil removal, chemical proportioning, filtration and water treatment solution
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Equipment Refurbishment
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