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The BladeRoom system is infinitely scalable - meaning you can increase capacity rapidly in line with your business growth and deploy new data centres or expand existing sites in record time. The BladeRoom factory is a large, modern spotlessly clean environment where best practice methods are employed to ensure a safe, efficient and timely production system. 


Energy Efficient Data Centres


BladeRoom energy efficient data centres have been designed from the outset to maximise data centre efficiency, using free cooling for over 99% of the year and delivering a proven PUE as low as 1.13 in temperate climates across a large load range from 40% to 100% capacity.

A BladeRoom data centre with 1MW of IT will only require 130kW of additional power for everything else. This PUE delivers the lowest operating costs and carbon emissions available.

Scalable Data Centres

The BladeRoom system is uniquely scalable, providing facilities of any size from small 10 rack data centres to huge multi-storey facilities – with the ability to start small and grow over time.

The system can be used to unlock many potential sites that have gone undeveloped owing to the massive capital undertaking required. 


Reduced Capital Data Centre Costs

There is an ever increasing pressure and groundswell of opinion, both socio-political and economic, towards the conservation of energy coupled with a demand for the highest of energy efficiency standards from global industry. 
With escalating energy costs, increasingly stringent standards are being introduced to encourage and if necessary penalise large users of grid resources through initiatives such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment. 

Data Centre Monitoring

Ease of data centre monitoring and maintenance is ensured through a design that allows no compromise on the space required to safely work on the system components, most of which are accessible from the power management room.

The Tier 3 design enables concurrent maintainability and critical systems have been designed from universal parts to ensure availability at all times.



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