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Generator switchgear technology allows AMF and ATS panels to be automatically switched between mains electrical supplies and stand-by generators when the mains supply has failed.

Once the mains supply has been restored, generator switch gear allows the electricity to switch source and stop the stand-by generator.

We offer skilled maintenance service contracts on all AMF and ATS panels that includes inspection and full mains fail testing.  

Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Changeover Switches ATS / AMF

There are many applications in which it is essential to be sure of swift and efficient changeover to generator power when the mains power fails.  In these instances you need an automatic changeover switch so very little time is lost in the changeover.  We supply a large range of 3 and 4 pole automatic transfer switches (ATS) from 25 to 2500 amp.  We also stock a comprehensive selection of 3 and 4 pole dual power automatic transfer switches from 25 to 2000 amp, for applications where a secondary back-up source of emergency power is required. 

Manual Transfer Switch


A range of change over switches ranging from 63 – 3150 Amps. These have been designed to meet the requirements for manual transfer between the Mains and an alternative supply (usually a generator).

The switches are designed to IEC / EN60947-3, and are of a compact design allowing the use of smaller enclosures.


Robust mild steel enclosure
Compact size saves space
Fully rated switched neutral pole
Can be motorised if required – Please call for this option
Three position rotary handle Positions 
1    Mains
0    Off
11  Generator

Optional Extras:

Rated Plug & Sockets Fitted.
LED Lights for Mains indication
LED Lights for Generator indication

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