Blech-Tec GmbH


In order to be able to bend even the smallest parts efficiently, and in doing so meet our customers expectations, we developed a controlled bending machine for extremely small parts called the BT-150. Finally, the smallest flexible parts, such as technical springs, contacts, covers, fasteners and casings can be produced quickly and affordably without any special tools. The machine is mainly used in tooling, in the electronics industry, in sheet metal processing, and in medical technology, but also in many other sectors.

Since we were also able to solve the problems of other companies with our BT-150, Blech-Tec quickly established itself as a machine manufacturer. Our premises in Sauerlach in the Altkirchen district is located very conveniently in the south of Munich just outside the city limits. Thanks to its location on the A8 and A99 highways, our company can be reached quickly and easily not only from further away, but from almost every part of Munich.  The S3 Sauerlach transit stop is located about three kilometres away.

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