Blm Group Uk Ltd.

With over 50 years experience in the tube-working sector, BLM GROUP is the largest manufacturer of machines and systems for Tube Bending, Endforming, Production Sawing and Laser Tube Cutting Systems.

Tube Bending - All-Electric or Hydraulic CNC Bending Machines, with left & right-hand, single or multi-stack, conventional and variable radius bending in automatic cycle.

Endforming - Multi-Station Endforming Machines, incorporating ram and rotary forming operations such as, trimming, facing and roll forming in a single machine set-up.

Sawing - Fully Automatic Production Tube and Bar Sawing Machines with optional in-line deburring, washing and measuring stations.

Laser Tube Cutting-For machining virtually any shape on to the end of the tube or along its length, as a fully automatic process. Traditional operations, such as, sawing, drilling, milling, punching and notching can be completely eliminated from the manufacturing process.
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