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We are suppliers of VRLA battery solutions and industrial batteries suitable for a range of applications. We offer proven product ranges from major manufacturers such as Yuasa, Fiamm and C&D Technologies including ancillary products and services.

Our industrial batteries range is expansive and includes a number of models in the following specifications:

  • Sealed lead acid (SLA)
  • High rate VRLA
  • Industrial battery system accessories

Battery Systems

VRLA Top Terminal solutions are applicable to a wide range of standby applications, offering renowned, high-grade, reliable battery systems from C&D Technologies.

The MRX and MR range of industrial batteries are manufactured to provide power to critical equipment such as emergency lighting and a number of other standby requirements.

Fiamm Batteries

The Fiamm FLB Highlite and the Fiamm SLA Monolite ranges of VRLA batteries come from more than 60 years of continual development, knowledge and skill in producing excellent products for the most demanding and essential of standby applications.

Designed for optimal standby performance, Fiamm batteries are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability. As well as Fiamm battery solutions, there is an extensive range of accessories also available.

For 2017, the Fiamm FLB range has been enhanced with new product colours and detailed product information stickers to provide valuable information relevant to each individual FLB battery model. This aesthetic and technical information upgrade does not affect any aspect of the physical application and the new models can be used as direct replacements, or in conjunction with, previous corresponding FLB battery types.


Yuasa EN and ENL Range

Yuasa EN and ENL Endurance are the engineer’s choice for even the most critical standby applications.

The Yuasa EN and ENL Endurance VRLA battery range offers increased life and are applicable to all standby applications including:

  •  Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • Emergency lighting

Yuasa SWL Battery Range

As part of our industrial battery options, we supply the ever reliable Yuasa SWL battery range and accessories. The range is extensive and all products are manufactured to the highest quality. These excellent and highly reliable products within the Yuasa battery range is applicable to all standby applications.

These applications include:

  • UPS
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency lighting

Enersys PowerSafe SBS Batteries

The Enersys Powersafe SBS range of batteries are an excellent choice for crucial standby applications that demand proven products manufactured to the highest international standards. A compact and energy dense solution enabling fitment solutions where space is limited.

Enersys PowerSafe V Batteries

The Enersys PowerSafe V range enjoy an excellent and proven reputation for excellent high rate power performance and long service life. Enersys PowerSafe V battery products use V-0 rated, flame retardant, ABS plastic containers and lods which offer high mechanical strength and safety features. This range also includes the PowerSafe V Front Terminal option with front access terminals providing ease of installation and maintenance.

Exide GNB Marathon & Sprinter Ranges

The Exide GNB Marathon L/XL designed for durability in telecommunications, and electric utility applications such as emergency lighting. The Marathon L/XL series have been optimised to provide high performance and reliability in medium and long duration discharge applications. 

Designed for high rate discharge applications, such as UPS, the Exide GNB Sprinter P/XP offers excellent reliability and power.

Haze HZB Batteries

The Haze HZB range from Blue Box Batteries offers optimum power density within a minimal footprint, enabling exellent space saving options within critical standby power equipment. The HZB batteries are available not only in standard top terminal design and also in front terminal arrangement, such as the HZB12-180FT. Haze batteries are often the solution of choice for many major valve regulated lead acid battery integrators.

Front Terminal Batteries

Front terminal batteries are designed for a wide range of applications including telecom equipment. They offer excellent fitment solutions where maximised space is integral, together with ease of use for terminal access. 

As well as our range of front terminal batteries, we offer purpose built solutions such as the Fiamm FIT range, Yuasa ENL & C&D TEL products.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Included in our extensive range of services, solutions and products, is the supply of sealed lead acid batteries. There is also  a wide range of other proven products for smaller powered requirements including mobility scooters and lawnmowers.

The Fiamm FG and Yuasa NP range offers 6V and 12V small sealed lead acid batteries (SSLA) at various amp hour capacities utilising universal box sizes with excellent power capacity and reliability.

Batteries For Mobility Scooters

Blue Box Batteries offer battery and charger solutions for a huge range of mobility scooters. Battery products designed to withstand the high demands of this applications.

Our mobility scooter batteries are optimised for excellent power & cyclic use, providing the user with with competitive and extremely reliable fitment options. 

Lawnmower Batteries

We supply sealed batteries for a wide range of lawnmower applications, including the genuine replacement for the Fiamm F19-12B battery type, delivered nationwide. A good charging regime is essential to ensure the maximum service life from your lawnmower battery, so to compliment our battery products we offer excellent charger options to suit, just call us for help and advice.

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