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Leading UK Designer and Manufacturer of industrial computer and embedded hardware platforms

Blue Chip Technology is a leading UK innovator and manufacturer of industrial computer and single board computer platforms. Our extensive off-the-shelf portfolio includes rackmount computers, COM boards, SBCs, fanless embedded systems, Panel PCs and digital signage hardware.

If you have a demanding environment, space constraints, mission-critical performance criteria or a unique application - we have the answer. From initial specification advice, to quick prototype development and volume manufacturing, you choose how much you want to call on our custom design services. Whilst it’s often possible to make minor changes to our off-the-shelf products to meet your exact needs, we can also project manage a ground-up development.

Our single board computer and industrial computer solutions help bring the power of the processor to rail networks, hospital wards, assembly lines and laboratories around the world

Industrial Computers

From temperature control to storage, power efficiency to maximum MTBF, if it's a Blue Chip Technology industrial computer it's been well thought out and tested. Available in rackmount, benchtop, ATX motherboard and PICMG single board computer configurations - our industrial computer platforms provide a solid foundation for applications across manufacturing, broadcast, utilities, transport and communications sectors. For more information on when and where to use an IPC please read our Industrial Computer Guide.

Delta is Blue Chip Technology's standard rackmount industrial computer platform - available in a range of cost effective, off the shelf configurations. 

The Ultima is a premium, semi-customisable rackmount industrial computer chassis for applications with challenging performance criteria or non-standard specifications.  Custom design features include enhanced system redundancy, extended operating temperatures, intensive processing and industry specific regulations.

Industrial Computers

Single Board Computers

The Blue Chip Technology single board computer range meets all the requirements of an embedded development backed by an in-house team of designers to offer in-depth technical support. We have a wide single board computer range to cover the whole spectrum of customer requirements. In the COM (Computer On Module) section we offer ETX, COM Express and XTX based boards. Unlike a traditional single board computer, a COM is a modular core building block which plugs into a custom host boards for a tailored embedded solution.

The Magnum family of 3.5 inch single board computers are popular formats offering a good balance between footprint size and functionality whilst the APEX ZF single board computer retains the compact 90mm x 96mm footprint and robust stacking design of the PC104+ form factor. The RE1 is a RISC based embedded board, particularly suited to low power, HMI based applications.  

We support a wide choice of OS across our embedded computers, including Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, QNX and Linux. A Blue Chip Technology single board computer has a three year warranty and a typical five year product availability. Additionally, our hardware platforms are supported by software expertise and we offer a range of complimentary services for our single board computer products:

  • OS board support package development
  • Driver integration and development
  • Bootloader porting and test
  • BIOS porting, optimisation and enhancements
Single Board Computers

Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors and Embedded Display Kits

The Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) continues its strong growth, enhancing products across the industry spectrum with easy to use, flexible touchscreen controls. Blue Chip has a wide range of display based solutions to suited to Human Machine Interface (HMI), SCADA, process control, factory automation, building control and home automation applications. The Alpha Panel PC range of 8.4 to 17 inch range of industrial all-in-one units - compact, highly integrated, network-ready devices with full I/O connectivity. The Alpha Panel PC range is IP65/NEMA4 rated and designed to be housed in a panel or enclosure creating a dust and waterproof barrier, essential in many industrial and commercial applications.

Blue Chip has also introduced a range of industrial monitor options - 10.4 inch through to 19inch, IP65/NEMA4 panel mount bezels designed or open frame face for OEM projects. This standalone industrial monitor range complements Blue Chip’s existing industrial computer and embedded computer ranges for a complete solution.

To complete the picture, we also offer our REsolution range of single board computer and LCD kits - this is an innovative selection of 3.5 to 5.7 inch LCD & single board computer packages designed for embedded HMI applications.

Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors and Embedded Display Kits

Digital Signage Player

Blue Chip Technology designed our first Vario digital signage player nearly ten years ago when Digital Signage was still in its infancy. We’ve developed our own expertise alongside the exponential growth in this fascinating market. Our digital signage hardware is driving content in airports, shopping malls, pubs and schools around the world.

We are experts in building top performance cores into small footprints with rugged chassis housings. Our industrial computers are designed to control mission critical applications in power plants and rail networks. Special features such as mag lev fans, system watchdogs, industrial temperature ranges and high MTBF disk drives ensure a reliable performance. We work with low power budgets for fanless operation and manage our product against a typical three year lifecycle, upgrading product for total continuity on a fit form and function basis. Consequently our Vario digital signage player range is ideally equipped for 24/7 playout in high footfall areas. It’s compact enough to mount on the screen rear and a long term availability simplifies testing and installations.

View our Vario Digital Signage Player Matrix for a quick overview of the Vario Range

Digital Signage Player

Data Acquisition Boards

Blue Chip Technology have been designing and manufacturing data acquisition cards since the early '90's.  Our latest data acquisition board range covers most requirements and are all designed to meet RoHS requirements. 

Each data acquisition card provides powerful functionality at an affordable price, making them well suited to a wide range of data gathering processes.   For ease of use, the PCI-DIO, PCI-ADC, PCI-PIO and PCI-RLY data acquisition boards are plug and play and support universal PCI.  All this makes them ideal for industrial applications where security of supply and consistency of performance are of paramount importance.

As a designer and manufacturer of data acquisition cards based in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding custom design should one of our products not fulfil your requirements. 

Data Acquisition Boards

Custom Design

Blue Chip excels in custom design - because we retain design and manufacture in house we’re flexible enough to accommodate a small adaptation or bottom up design project.  We have the in-house resource to accommodate any requirements -  this may mean sitting you down with our CAD engineer to bring your solution to life on-screen. It might mean compiling a custom BIOS for your application or reviewing your host board schematics. What it doesn’t necessarily mean is ramping up extra costs - Blue Chip Technology regard many of our customisation services as integral to our product offering and are happy to provide free of charge. 

With a long established track record in this area, we can work efficiently to make a tailored solution an affordable option. We specialise in high mix, high value, low to mid volume manufacture which means we can work with a 100 unit or 10,000 unit project and give it our full care and attention.

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