Blue Streak Europe Ltd

We offer an alternative to expensive replacements of engine management systems (ECU’s), fuel injection units, ignition modules and air flow / mass meters ranging from moving flap types to hot wire or hot film.

We offer an "Own Unit Rebuild"vice on your ECU or air flow, which comes with a full 1- guarantee. With this service you will get a fully tested and reconditioned unit. With parts we have found to commonly fail, these would be replaced and refinished with new casing. If you suspect your ECU of being faulty and the fault is very intermittent, we can also offer a "Try Before You Buy" service.

From 1994 ECU’s have become immobilised offering an anti-theft mechanism for vehicles where keys are uniquely coded to the cars ECU. We can test and supply a wide range of these types of units using custom methods we have developed to extract and transfer these codes. In some cases we can offer an immobiliser decode service in order to blank out the existing security codes inside your ECU so that they are ready to self learn the new code when fitted back to the car.
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