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It is said that “Finance” deals with the allocation of assets & liabilities over times of certainty or uncertainty. That’s one simple reason why clients use our financial service to save time and create certainty in their applying for loans, mortgages, asset finance, trade finance or short term funding.

Over the past 10 years we have assisted clients to purchase or refinance plant & machinery, vehicles, buildings and other forms of trade credit saving them time and money.

As a result of our work we have found 25 various ways of attaining finance for clients no matter their individual circumstances. Most, if not all clients, had tried applying to their banks who turned them down and never thought or considered it possible that we would be successful. But we were!

Our motto is “Financial Innovation Is Our Reputation” Why not try us before going to your bank!

Asset Finance

When looking for new machinery, plant, equipment or vehicles asset based lending is the most common form of finance for these major purchases. Any new or established business will need to consider using precious cash reserves or asking their bank for another loan etc.

Well there is another way to finance new or used assets. Its often called "LEASING" or "LEASE PURCHASE". But no matter what its called the actual item (asset) is used to secure the lenders interest in your completing the transaction to the final payment.

This is how Leasing Might Help Your Business!

Leasing is the most flexible way to acquire capital assets for your company whether you’re a new business, an expanding business or an established business requiring replacement assets.

100% Financing We can fully finance a whole procurement project including services like design, installation, and maintenance and project management.

Reduce Your Tax Liability. When you lease, you can write off 100% of the repayments as an operating expense every year and save up to 30% of the total capital cost. Always check with your accounts for the latest HMRC rules.

Protect Credit Lines Leasing is an additional source of credit - allowing you to safeguard your existing credit facilities to meet the normal demands of your day to day business.

Improve Cost Control Low monthly payments spread the cost and simplify cash flow planning.

Accelerate the Return on Investment Leasing eliminates the need for up front capital and accelerates the rate of return on investment, helping your company to grow more quickly.

Sale & Lease Back
All too often businesses get caught up in owning many assets and not having sufficient funds for expansion or simply keep the business afloat! This is where we can help through our selling of your vehicles, plant or machinery and then leasing back. It creates immediate capitol for the business and a tax efficient way of renting the same equipment without disturbing the day to day running of the business.


Listed below are some of the typical asset's we seek finance for;

Plant & Machinery Finance

To help with the purchase of new or used plant and machinery Hire Purchase and Lease deals can be arranged for most businesses but most financiers will require at least 1 years trading figures and in some cases only limited companies applications will be considered.

Small Ticket Assets

Available for low value assets normally found in the average office or factory. Items such as computers, servers or any IT and software can be brought together in a single contract taken over 2 to 3 years. Office Furniture or refits can be considered as well as some retail shop refits etc. For more information you can email us with details of what your business requires.

Asset Finance

Business Finance

Our unique offering covers not only commercial mortgages and loans but also commercial bridging, business acquisition and development finance and the "New Business Investor Loan". We can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of commercial finance for your business.

My name is Anthony Law and for the past 10 years I have traded under the name of Bluecygnet Finance offering business, commercial & corporate finance to clients across the UK and sometimes Europe. Over the years we have arranged asset finance, commercial mortgages, invoice/factoring finance, business loans and peer to peer loans for many clients.

If you have an enquiry for commercial funding of any kind, want to ensure that you receive the best advice possible. You now need to look no further! To ensure that clients receive the best products and service available, we offer the widest range of commercial lenders, providing solutions across the commercial finance spectrum backed up with first class service.

Contact us for more details.

Business Finance

Business Plan Review

Why Use Bluecygnet’s Business Plan Services?

In its most simplistic form we help clients to deal with change. Or as the old saying goes "If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail".

Do your finances resemble a “Lame Duck” having not kept up with the changes in today’s market place? Perhaps you have come to realise that change is a continual process affecting your personal and business life today. That's why most clients turn to use to review, rewrite or construct a new business plan for them.

Bluecygnet stands for growth through change!

We offer;

Over 20 years expertise

Wide range of financial services
Extensive network of associates
FREE review of your current business plan
FREE review of your loans & commercial mortgages

Above all we can help you with those financial headaches caused by poor planning!

Dealing with clients at either the start up, growing, MBO or involved in a business take over we will introduce associates to our clients. Their combined expertise helps particularly when banks had no real answer and have wasted our client’s precious time.

We encourage clients to become expert buyers of services and have a no selling policy. This deepens our business relationship between us for the long haul.

From time to time & due to the nature & rules of our industry we will invite an associate to assist us with a project according to the FCA regulations.

Business Plan Review

Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients have to say about our services;

I spoke to Tony regarding alternative funding for my recruitment business 'Staffplus'. Our present factors weren't able to support our progress into a new sector, obviously having a major impact on our ability to grow as a business. I'd heard Tony give a talk to a local business club where he said he could source 30+ alternative ways to generate funding for your business. 
Tony came to my office in Motherwell to learn a little more about our business, and shortly thereafter we received a call from Tony, he'd found another potential factor who would be prepared to support our needs, shortly thereafter the deal was signed and we were able to support the new business. 
Tony is a remarkable man, I'd never heard of a number of his sources of funding for business, he gets the job done where we and our high street bank, who previously factored for us, could not. 
Thanks again Tony for all of your guidance, advice and support. 
Tony Reilly 

- Tony Reilly (1/16/14)



Tony has attended several of my networking events. I Recommended him to two colleagues who were looking for a professional to draw up business plans with a view to obtaining funding. Tony suggested creative solutions which had not been thought of before. My colleagues were delighted with the service he offered.

- Maureen Polson (1/16/14)


Tony is very helpful and knows a lot. He can help anybody who has been along to the bank when they couldn’t help so get in touch with Tony and I’m sure he will help.

- Judith Cowley DipPFS Certs CII (1/19/14)


Tony is professional and very reliable and would be highly recommended.

- Peter Gray (1/30/14)

Merchant Services

Merchant services or more commonly known as credit & debit cards are now the most important finance issue for any business either on line or in a traditional retail shop. Millions of transactions take place daily and knowing you have the right service with the best rates is very important for your business.

New to card services or looking to switch suppliers?

If you want more information or check the market for the best rates then give us a call. If you need more facts about what it means to take cards in your business.

Cheque guarantee cards being phased out June 2011

With the cheque guarantee cards being phased out this year and the suggestion that cheque's will disappear by 2018 everything is pointing toward a cash-less society. There is also a new trend of cash cards which people can load with their wages and spend them where merchant machines are available.

What cards are used the most?

Most businesses find they take 75% debit cards and the rest are some form of credit or charge card. So if you do not accept any form of card payment your business has limits set on it by the 30% decrease in cash being used and not able to enjoy the 20% increase in payment cards each year.

Merchant Services
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