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We established our company over 32 years ago and grown to be the UK's leading distributor and supplier production machinery and tools for the printed circuit board assembly sector.

Our PCB production equipment is supported with our skilled technicians who are always ready to help and advise you on any issues. The PCB production equipment we provide is continually developed to reflect changing technologies and the industry's priorities.

We work alongside the world's leading manufacturing companies such as Ersa, Pulse, TWS, Fritsch, PVA, and Ebso.

SMT Placement

Fritsch SMT placement machines combine modular pick & place systems and are ideal for manufacturing prototypes and small batches. It is supported with a selection of components such as chips and BGAs.

Our SMT placement machines include iPulse machines. They offer flexible and high specification work that benefits future and current manufacturing solutions. It offers the user high feeder capacity and production flexibility.

TWS SMT placement machinery large economical benefits and provides a cost effective solution to pick & place machines that use Windows and Linux operatng systems.

Soldering Equipment

We provide an extensive selection of soldering equipment. Manufactured by Kurtz Ersa, our models include lightweight designs combined with the most powerful soldering iron - iTool.

Twin solder stations are created to be ergonomic design and work in increased working temperatures with lead free soldering processes. Our other soldering equipment includes twin stations with heated tweezers and soldering equipment that combines de-solder tools as well. We also supply digital single stations.

Our wave soldering equipment and machines offer of pallet or finger conveyor styles and we supply Ersa machines with nitrogen hoods.

Our soldering equipment also offer are soldering machines like the Versiflow Selector. This model providesdual track transport and single wave solder nozzle technology.

Reflow Soldering

Soldering equipment we supply includes reflow soldering machines. They offer convection reflow ovens to provide superb soldering controlled by a microprocessors.

Our reflow soldering equipment also includes vapour phase reflow soldering machines. These machines offer real time temperature monitoring and recording. Our batch reflow and baking ovens provide one, accurate power heating zone and are ideal for producing small prototypes.

Rework Equipment

Our rework equipment includes dip and print stations to provide preparation for multiple component body types before rework. Rework equipment like our hand held systems, combine infrared and convection heating and offer innovative hybrid heating technology and homogenous heat to small components.

Rework equipment with hot air rework centres offer the potential to run and record profiles once you have set air volume and heating power levels.

Inspection Systems

We supply inspection systems like crystal viewers for Apple Mac users giving them rapid and immediate use. They are ideal for laboratory settings.

Our Erascope inspection systems are cost effective and combine a high resolution digital camera with superior optical lenses. Our inspection systems also includes Prisma HD high definition systems. Prisma offer inspection systems at competitive prices and systems that connect via a HDMI cable to a HD ready monitor.

Erascope 2 system is produced with a flip chip optical lens, high-resolution lens and superb light management. Our Extra Eye inspection system provides 100 percent accuracy with a printed report that shows faults or errors.

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