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BEI Services offers an extensive range of quality engineering parts including Safety Relief Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Liquid Level Gauges, Pneumatic Equipment and much more. Our main aims are to be flexible to individual customer requirements and to provide a service of reliability. Our product range continues to grow, we currently have over 7,000 products with a large proportion available online. We also provide some fantastic training courses which offer various levels of tuition in safety valve assembly, repair & maintenance, testing and 'best practice' - theoretical knowledge. 

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BEI Services is a member of the Seetru organisation and an integrated group of subsidiary and associated companies. 







QUALITY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ONLINE offer a complete line of quality engineering parts from Safety Relief Valves, Liquid Level Gauges, Ball Valves, Pneumatic Equipment and much more. We are able to source from most major suppliers, such as SEETRU, LESER, NABIC, WADE, BROADY, CROSBY, FARRIS, BOSS, BAILEY, SPIRAX SARCO, STAL, TOSACA, GRESSWELL, LORCH and NIEZGODKA.

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Globe Valves

Screwed and Flanged Globe Valves manufactured in Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel and stainless Steel

Our Flanged & Screwed range of Globe Valves are available in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel & Bronze. Please contact our sales engineers on

Flanged Globe Valve

Screwed Globe Valve



Gate Valves

Screwed and Flanged Gate Valves manufactured in Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel and stainless Steel.

Brass construction: PN10/20 sizes: 1/4" BSP-T to 4" BSP-T
Bronze construction: PN16 sizes: 1/4" BSP-P to 2" BSP-P
Cast Iron construction: PN10/16 and ANSI 150 sizes: DN40 - DN300 and 1-1/2" - 12"
Cast Steel construction: ANSI 150 sizes: 2" - 10"
Stainless Steel construction: PN16 sizes: DN25- DN150
Stainless Steel construction: ANSI 150 sizes: 1" - 6"

Flanged Gate Valve

Screwd Gate Valve



Ball Valves

Our extensive range of quality Ball Valves and Wafer Ball Valves available in screwed and Flanged connections

Our extensive range of quality Ball Valves and Wafer Ball Valves available in screwed and Flanged connections are suitable for most non-corrosive liquids and gases including air, water and fuels.

Materials of construction include Plated Brass, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel many are Gas/ WRAS approved to BS EN 331 1998. Sizes 15mm to 200mm suitable for use in pipleine systems. Anti- static Firesafe versions available
between 1/2" and 2" BSP(P).

Flanged Ball Valves

3 Way Ball Valves



Actuated Valves

A large selection of Globe, Gate, Ball and Butterfly valves.

Our actuated process valves include, Butterfly, Globe, Gate and Ball valve designs. All valves are available with either pneumatic or electrically operated actuators in a range of materials including Brass/ Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and PVC.
Single acting or Double acting actuators are available for many of the valves sold through Blupax in combinations to meet your needs.

Pneumatically & Electrically Actuated Valves 

Valbia Actuated Ball Valve 





Quarter turn actuators to drive Ball and Butterfly Valves. The torque given by the single acting actuator is defined by four fundamental valves - Please see attached data sheet for information

Pneumatic Actuators 






Flanges, Fixin items, Connectors, Seal kits, fusible Plugs and general engineering and industrial assessories


Seal Kits



Pressure Gauges

We have a wide range of quality pressure gauges, liquid level gauges, flow indicators and window sight glasses to suit your needs.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Dail Gauges



Strainers and Filters

Strainers and Filters, available in many designs including Pot Strainers and the Standard Y Type Strainers -DN 15-DN400 up to PN160 and maximum temperatures of 400C.

Y strainers in a range of connections, including BSP screwed, DIN and ANSI flanges, in Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel or Stainless Steel.
For further assistance with product selection, please contact our team of sales engineers: email-


Y Strainers

Strainers and Filters



Window Sight Glasses

A Wide range of flow indicators, Window Sight Glasses, Filters and Liquid Seperators.

Our pipeline ancillaries comprise of active or pasive components for pipeline construction as well as for measuring and control technolgy.
Various devices and componets are available in the proven quality that we can offer, from filters, strainiers, liquid seperators through to Sight Glasses and an extensive range of the highest quality flow indicators available in a range of materials including Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, we are also able to offer special materials such as Hastelloy.


Window Sight Glasses

Sight Glasses



Valve Testing Equipment

Safety Valve Testing Equipment available up to 10" flanged connection.

These are portable test benches designed especially for the maintenance of safety valves, a sturdy unit a formidable piece of kit for any workshop environment, designed to
sit on any normal workbench with the minimum of fuss and ready for use.
This range of bench testers are capable of screwed or flanged connection from 1/4" BSP up to 10" Flanges in both DIN and ANSI.


Testiing Equipment

Safety Valve Testing Equipment



Safety Valve Training

BLUPAX-Training in association with our training partners are able to offer a wide spectrum of training courses

Together, we offer personnel development training at locations throughout the UK. Subjects include; Safety Relief Valves, Safety Pressure Devices, Practical Workshop instruction, Sales Development Workshops, Leadership / Management courses.


Safety Valve Training

Safety Valve Training Courses



Contact Info





BEI Services (UK)

Units 3, Navigator Court,

Preston Farm Industrial Estate

TS18 3TQ

Senior Sales Engineer: James Challes

Sales Office Assistant: Dawn Watson

T: +44 (0)1642 625 900, F: +44 (0)1642 612 100

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