BM Magnetics (UK) Ltd


A quality supplier of Magnetic Materials and Products throughout the UK. Europe and Beyond

B.M.Magnetics is situated in the south west of the United Kingdom in the small but expanding town of Cricklade, Nr Swindon.

Easily located from both the M4 and M5 motorways via the A417.

The B.M.Magnetics name has stood for quality, innovation, supply reliability, an extensive product range and service together with an excellent price-quality mix. The quality of the products and procedures enabled B.M.Magnetics to become ISO9001 approved in 1997 creating a well streamlined and efficient business.

B.M.Magnetics aims to provide products and services to a very high standard within reasonable and effective delivery schedules. Michael T. Armstrong the companies Managing Director has worked within the magnetics industry for over 30 years, gaining invaluble technical experience in all areas of the business.

This includes design, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

As well as our extensive range of magnetic materials and products B.M.Magnetics is also pleased to provide the following services:

  • Product Magnetisation for all Magnetic Materials.
  • Product De-Magnetising
  • Cutting Facilites for Flexible Magnetic Sheeting and Tape.
  • Any Customer Specific Design

The objective is to get things right first time and every time…

Feel free at anytime to contact us on with whatever your magnetic requirements may be…

Hard Ferrite Magnets

  • Barium and strontium hard ferrite magnets are cheap, reliable and strong components
  • Ceramic magnets (hard ferrite magnets) have a wide application area. Their price-quality mix is excellent
  • Hard ferrite materials can be supplied in two main forms isotropic and anisotropic and in either disc,ring or in block form per your requirements
Hard Ferrite Magnets

Alnico Magnets

Alnico Magnets are suitable for use in extremely high temperature applications up to 500c. The material consists of an alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt (AlNiCo). The material possesses an extraordinary mechanical hardness.

Flexible Magnets

  • BM Magnetics Flexible Magnetic Foil Range
  • Natural Magnetic Foil
  • Self-Adhesive Backed Magnetic Foil
  • White Faced Magnetic Foil
  • Coloured Magnetic Foil
  • Click here for our range of Magnetic Tapes
Flexible Magnets

Office Magnets

Ferrous Separation Systems

B.M.Magnetics can offer a wide variety of ferrous separation systems including sanitary models designed for the food industry and other applications where stringent hygiene standards are demanded.

B.M.Magnetics can supply the following types:

BM Plate Magnets FDA,FDL/C and FDL/V

BM Tube Magnet Systems

BM Pipe Magnet Systems

BM Cascade Magnet Systems

BM Permanent Magnet Filters

BM Permanent Magnetic Grids and MAGBOX

BM Permanent Magnet Filter Bars

BM Overband Magnet Systems

BM Drum Magnets

BM Head Roller Magnets

BM Block Magnets

Ferrous Separation Systems

Non-Ferrous Separation Systems

B.M.Magnetics supplies a new generation of eddy current non-ferrous metal separation systems for use in, for example, the waste disposal and recycling industries. Through the introduction of a completely new 18 pole magnet cylinder, the efficiency is greatly improved.

Magnetic Chucks

  • Standard range of permanant Chucks
  • De-Magnetisers
  • Plate De-Magnetisers
  • Tunnel De-Magnetisers
  • Hand Held De-Magnetiser
Magnetic Chucks

Lifting Magnets

Permanent lifting magnets operate without additional energy being supplied and are therefore very efficient.

Our New Mag-Lift Range universal lifting magnets are new to our range and offer superb work holding forces at a very good price.

Lifting Magnets

Pot & Red Painted Magnets

  • Pot Magnets
  • Permanent Pot Magnets
  • Electro-Pot Magnets and Magnet Bars
  • B.M.Magnetic Red Painted Magnets
Pot & Red Painted Magnets

BM Magnetics Services

Product Magnetisation for all Magnetic Materials

Product De-Magnetising

Cutting Facilites for Flexible Magnetic Sheeting and Tape

Any Customer Specific Design

Feel free at anytime to contact us on with whatever your magnetic requirements may be




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