BMS Salvage


Are you interested in “selling my damaged vehicle”? Then you are most certainly in the right place. BMS Salvage is one of the most popular damaged car marketplaces in the UK. BMS have built up a robust network of buyers who are ready to help you to unlock the value in your crash-damaged, repairable or insurance write-off motor.

You may be over the moon to learn just how much cash you can retrieve from your old car, and our dedication to great customer service means that you can expect to get more for your vehicle than you might have guessed.

If you’re thinking about selling your damaged car, we’re confident you won’t find a more customer-friendly service in the UK. We’ll ensure that all paperwork is dealt with accurately and that you receive the cash you need quickly. Get ready to swap your end-of life or repairable car into a significant sum of cash.

Our track record shows that we can find you a buyer for any damaged car. The price that you’ll be quoted online with BMS Salvage is always the price that you receive too, and you can even expect to have your car collected and paid for within 48 hours. You can expect a swift sale without having to settle for a disappointing price for your damaged car when you use our service.

If you’ve found that your car is not economical to repair, we can help you to turn it into real cash. All you need to do is fill in the online quote form or drop us a line to get things moving today.

Enjoy a better price on your repairable, write-off or damaged car with BMS Salvage.


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