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We started in 1976 from a precision engineering background making prestige scientific instrumentation. Today most of our work is for the top end of the electronics industry, where the batches are limited to the high hundreds and first rate quality is paramount. To maintain the best product standards we provide a fully integrated in-house fabrication and finishing service, enabling us to critically monitor with direct hands-on control the entire production process.

Clients benefits

  • All parts are RoHS compliant
  • Guaranteed absolute quality
  • 100% quality inspection assurance
  • No batch rejections
  • Prototypes made to production standards
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Quick turn-round on urgent work
  • Professionally packaged
  • Timed delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • No outside incidentals
  • No added handling surcharges

Client Base

  • Telecomunications
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • TV graphics
  • MOD
  • Broadcasting


Production is supported by three Amada CNC turret punching machines, capable of pre-setting to any angle, with CNC off-line programming ensuring maximum efficiency of machine use and is offered as a free service. All punching, forming and bending operations are accurate and to tight tolerances.

Sheet sizes worked, are up to 1.2 metres square by 0.25mm to 3mm thick. The maximum bend length we can handle is 1.2 metres for any component. Materials used include phospher bronze, mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Secondary Work

Forming is supported by two Promecam up stroking press breaks, 4ft by 20 ton, a box and pan folders, plus two presses for bush setting.

Support Equipment

  • TIG/gas/welding
  • Spot welding
  • Stud welding
  • Brazing
  • Bush setting
  • Orbital finishing
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Cold saw (32" capcity)


Perfect, flawless, pristine, surface finishing every time. With specially designed low pressure spray guns, we totally eliminate sag and orange peel and our unique filtering method ensures stove enamelling of the highest quality.

Using a choice of epoxy, polyester or nylon based powder coating you can determine the level of scratch resistant toughness. To guarantee maximum adhesion we specially pretreat aluminium with a two pack etch primer or alocrom and steel is treated with phosphate.

Finishing processes

Stove enameling
Stove texture finishing
Powder coating
Metallic coating for RFI
Bead blasting
Silk screening

Finishing Plant

15ft water spray booth
Low pressure spray guns
Screw compressor
Infrared gas track oven
Two silk screens stations



We offer a silk screening service that uses our own processed screens with two pack paints to give a very high quality result.

By processing the screens ourselves we can ensure rapid delivery on all silk screened parts and we also offer Aluprint for anodised components.

BMS will also undertake the silk screening of components from outside suppliers. If you need a quick quality service, or have urgent work needing an almost instant turn-round, we can help.



Quality is assured by critical inspection at every stage throughout the entire production process. We guarantee 100% inspection on first off CNC operations and on all non machine actions plus 100% final viewing inspection prior to careful packing and delivery . With our painstaking attention to detail we can offer with confidence a zero reject quality policy.

Production Control
We have a computer based job tracking system combined with a process card that travels with the parts throughout their production life and every section follows a set delivery date schedule.

By observing these fail-safe procedures we guarantee that our clients benefit from first rate work, delivered on time, every time and at a cost that eliminates any outside extras.



We make outstanding prototypes to totally finished production standards. With our off-line CNC presses and in-depth ancillary support we offer very rapid turn-round times on urgent work. This cuts any design and development down-time to a minimum.

Added to this is the advantage of our in-house paining/finishing facilities, and a silk screening service.

Because we have direct hands-on control of all production processes we have eliminated the usual loaded cost and inefficiency of waiting for outside suppliers to respond.

Design and production engineering support
We can also offer a highly qualified, very experienced, design and production engineering consultancy service. This provides independent observations with suggestions that might offer significant improvements and solutions to your overall design and production needs.


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