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BND Abrasives & Tapes Limited have been trading for over 35 years and offer a large selection of abrasives and tapes. With backing from major brands such as 3M, Norton/St. Gobain, SIA and Klingspor abrasives, we can also offer a 48 hour turnaround time.

Custom Sanding Belts/Bands

Use our custom Belt Builder which enables you to customise an abrasive belt for your application/requirement.

Abrasive Belts

Other Sanding Belts that we can offer are Wide Graining Belts, 3M Trizact, Spirabands, Surface Conditioning Belts and accessories. Our Belt Calculator does not apply to these items.

Abrasive Discs

Our Sanding Discs come in various forms with the Velcro and Self Adhesive Backed Discs  typically for Orbital Sanders and Platens.

Blending Finishing Discs

We offer various Blending/Finishing Discs including

  • Fibre Backed
  • Velcro/Loop Backed
  • Roloc/Twist Lock Discs
  • Strip Discs

Please see our website for more information.

Sanding Sheets/Strips and Pads

You can use our Sanding Sheets for use by hand or on machine and blocks. A choice of Aluminium Oxide, Silicone carbide and specialist minerals available for a wide range of industries/processes.

  • Cloth Sheets
  • Velcro Strips
  • Foam Backed Sheets

See our website for more information.


Non Woven Handpads/Rolls

An extensive range of Non-Woven Handpads and rolls are available.

Floor Cleaning Pads and Rolls with 3M Scotchbrite for effective Blending and Finishing.

Abrasive Rolls

Our Abrasive Rolls are available in various sizes and you can have either a Cloth or Paper Backing. Custom sizes are available on any of our belts in roll form.

  • Cloth Rolls
  • Paper Rolls
  • Sponge Backed Rolls

Technical Wire Brushes

We offer a variety of technical wire brushes such as:

  • Spindle Brushes
  • Bench Mounted Brushes
  • Hand Brushes

which are suitable for a  variety of machines and uses.

Deburring/Unitised Wheels

We have a range of Unitised Abrasives available that are similar to non-woven abrasives. These products are very tough and have an aggresive cutting action. See our website for more details

Grinding Wheels and Tooling

We offer a large range of Grinding Wheels and Tooling which are suitable for deburring and metal work and come in a  selection of sizes and shapes.

Abrasive Flap Wheels and Mops

At BND Abrasives and Tapes we stock a selection of Abrasive Flap Wheels and Mops.

Blending Finishing Mops/Brushes

We can offer a rangeof  Blending and Finishing Mops / Brushes suitable for industrial applications such as stith sisals and cotton lap mops. We can meet all your finishing needs.

Rubberised Abrasives

We can offer a quick delivery on Mounted Points and Blocks.

  • Various Grits Available

Nitto Kohki Products

We supply Nitto Kohki products.

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Fein Products

We supply Fein products.

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Flex Tools

We supply Flex Tools products

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Dynabrade Products

Se supply Dynabrade products.

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Indasa Products

We supply Indasa products.

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Klingspor Products

We supply Klingspor products.

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