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Boddingtons Power Controls specialise in Power Factor Correction Control Relays, and all other aspects of electrical energy management such as electricity sub-metering, and maximum demand load shed control. 

Our Pro-Data Monitoring System provides accurate reporting of all consumables, such as water, gas and electricity kwh/kvarh. Active Harmonic Filters in the range 30 - 200 Amp are available with full technical support and day to day back up as required. 

Capacitor Switching Thyristors are a rapidly growing market, with switching at 20mS per step, for sizes 10, 25, 50, 100, 390 kvar at voltages up to 690v, 50/60hz. 

Harmonics on power systems necessitate harmonic current blocking reactors, normally selected to resonate with the power capacitor at 189 or 210hz. 

Harmonic Reactors are also available for tuned Passive Filters. We are highly qualified in our specialised fields and look forward to your enquiry


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