Böhling Rohrleitungs- und Apparatebau GmbH


Industrial pipeline construction. Power plant pipeline construction. Prefabrication and preassembly of pipeline systems. Custom-made products from moulded parts. Pipe plans, isometries and detailed designs.

The Böhling Rohrleitungs- und Apparatebau GmbH is a family-owned business with more than hundred years of tradition in expertise and highest quality in the field of industrial and technical piping constructions. Together with more than 200 employees we can rely on a professional team for both just small maintenance and big shut downs.

Our products: piping construction for the paper industry, piping construction, stainless steel piping construction, piping construction for the chemical industry, piping construction for power plants, piping construction for the food industry, piping construction for the mineral oil industry, piping of installations, piping construction with steel tubes, adjusting parts and extension pieces for piping

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