Boiswood Ltd.

  • At Boiswood we have vast experience of the equipment used for the control of gases and liquids and are a respected supplier to many of the UK's most advanced manufacturing facilities.
For over 15 years we have gathered in-depth knowledge about the highest quality, industry trusted products from a refined selection of the World7#39;s leading manufacturers - all of whom recognise that the ability to provide quality product support is the key to success in high tech markets.

We do not believe in just "shifting boxes". Our whole trading culture is based on a genuine commitment to hands-on service and support whenever and wherever this is required.

Today you will find Boiswood engineers working alongside process system designers, laboratory technicians, production managers, chemists, and other scientists in microprocessor production plants, analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor ultra clean areas…
…working alongside all of our customers to ensure constant and seamless updating of yesterdays technologies within their individual environments.
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