Bolt and Nut Services Ltd


Giving you one source, To supply high quality fastener products at the lowest prices. Whether it be Standard stocked fastener or Manufactured bolts and nuts, Bolt and Nut Eng can supply the complete solution.

The range we Stock and Manufacture, comprises fasteners in all shapes and sizes and in the most diverse materials - from Steel to Stainless steel, from Brass and Copperto Titanium, Even Kuprodur and Plastic! - Steel stock range of quality steels at bottom of this page -

Special manufactured items, Problem solving is our speciality, from concept to manufacture.

We offer a next day delivery service UK And world wide.

We STOCK and manufacture the following items.

  • Hex head bolt and sets, Sizes M1 to M140 Diameter.
  • Holding down bolts, Square Square OX.
  • Plate Washers. Void formers use with SSOX.
  • HSFG bolts (high strength bolts) Plus Washers, High strength friction grip bolts.
  • Countersunk fasteners, Cap head.
  • Coach Bolts Hex and Square head.
  • Wood screws. Cotter Pins. Lindaptors.
  • Nuts, Full, Lock, Nylock, Nylon.
  • Washers Standard, Nylon, Specials.
  • Waxed cardboard cones or Polystyrene cones.
  • Any Hexagon threaded fastener stocked, Any grade of steel.
  • Foundation bolts Stocked, Poly cones, Cardboard cones.
  • Indented foundation bolts in all finishes stocked.
  • Stainless, Mild steel, Shear pins manufactured.
  • Cap head bolts, Socket head bolts, Grub screws, Socket Set point screws.
  • Threaded Studs
  • 10.9 studding, 10.9 all thread, Stocked and manufactured.
  • Metric fine thread.
  • Galv bolts and nuts.
  • Bespoke Bolts and nuts.
  • NEW RANGE - 14.9 Socket and hexagon fasteners nowstocked.
  • NEW weathered 8.8 corten bolts and nuts 
  • Lindapter range.
  • Caddy and erico range.

Special grade, hard to find fasteners stocked.

  • Roofing, Mush head, Structural BOLTS
  • Taper washers, curved spring washers, locking washers, Serrated lock washers.
  • Cheese head, Pan head, Round head BOLTS
  • Split, Linch, Single, Double, Pipe, Clevis PINS
  • Cage nuts, Thread cutting screws, Chemical fixings.

Socket Fasteners stocked and produced.

  • Grade 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9 stocked.
  • Imperial high grades stocked.
  • Allen head bolt/csk bolts/high grade bolts.

Welded Assemblies -

  • With in-house welding & fabrication facilities, we can offer prompt turnaround of cast in bolt assemblies. Whether tubes are required welded to the bases or a frame with multiple fixings is required, we can offer a complete service package.

    We can offer base plates and anchorages in any size, material and style, including flat plate, (RSA) Angles & Channels.

Assembled high tensile Bolts Nuts Washers in stock now

  • Nut and washer assembled on bolts.
  • Zinc plated and Galvanised.
  • Price is very competitive!
  • Ease of use in difficult areas!. Reduced loss of washers and nuts being dropped.

Security bolts and nuts.

  • Security, Inviolable Nuts. Stainless and zinc plated in stock.
  • Torx recess with pin, Pan head screws with 2 holes, One way tapping screws.
  • Cross recessed pan head screw with pin, Mush head tri wing recessed.
  • Countersunk head with 2 holes.
  • Plus all screws driver bits, sockets to fit security screws, Bolts,Screws.
  • Security screws two hole drive, Pin hex, One way security screws.

Self Cliching hardware

  • Self clinching fasteners, Aero tight nuts
  • Thumb screws
  • Captive Screws, Spacers, Standoffs.

Self drilling screws.

  • Roofing and cladding industry
  • Stocked brands, Fein, Mage, Gesipa, Alfas
  • Light and heavy section.

Nuts - specials/grades stocked and manufactured.

  • Cage nuts, Castle nuts, Dome nuts, Hank rivet bushes.
  • Exhaust Nuts, Thin nuts, Pointed nuts, Slotted round nuts.
  • Square nuts, Trackshoe nuts, Blind rivet nuts, Cap nuts.
  • Flange nuts, Press nuts
  • BSW nuts, BSF nuts, UNC nuts, UNF nuts, Grade 10 nuts
  • Collar nuts, Permaglas nuts, 2H nuts.

Washers - Specials/grades stocked and manufactured.

  • Conical spring washers, Lock washers Tab washers
  • Isolating washers, Mudguard washers, Penny washers
  • High strength structural washers
  • Spring washers, Shakeproof washers.
  • Washers for steel construction
  • Washers for wood Structures
  • Vibration proof washers, Repair washers.

Special head bolts/fasteners stocked and manufactured.

  • Cheese head, Button head bolts, Hexagon Head bolts, Square head bolts.
  • Cap head bolts, Cap head screws, Socket head bolts, Domed head bolts.

Grades, Finishes stocked.

  • Stainless Steel. A270 and A480
  • Galvanized.
  • Zinc Zinc and Yellow passivated.
  • Sheradized
  • Self colour.
  • Brass
  • Plastic, nylon.
  • Dacromet, Geomet, Xylan, Eslok, Delta, protek.
  • Thread locking
  • Anodised bolts and nuts stocked, Red anodised, Yellow anodised, Black anodised, Green anodised, Blue anodised all from stock

Petrochemical grades stocked

  • Offshore grade B7B8
  • Pipework grades

All thread bars, Studding, Manufactured.

  • 1, 2, 3 meters.
  • Imperial All thread.
  • Stainless, Brass, Mild Steel, High Tensile, Zinc, Galv.
  • Stud Connectors

Threaded studs and Engineering studs

  • In any grade steel and size
  • Also any special thread length you need!.

Uni strut fixings stocked and manufactured.

  • 3 Meter all thread
  • Flange nuts, Spring nuts, Heavy Duty washers

Brand name fixings,Foundation bolts in stock.

  • Rawlplug
  • Fischer fixings
  • Ramset
  • Hilti
  • Para bolt
  • Armeg drill bits. K-mark. Jcp construction products, Trutek.
  • Bonded anchors, Resin capsules, Sds hammer bit. Fibre plugs.
  • Masonry nails, Hammer fixings. Steel Fixings
  • Heavy duty anchors, Cavity fixings, Plastic, Plastic Nylon plugs

Lindapter range stocked.

  • Type A recessed fixing.
  • Type B flat top fixing
  • Type SC shackle clamp
  • Type AF High friction clamp
  • Type LR self adjusting clamp
  • Type C1 and C2 hook nosed adapters
  • Type D2 adjustable tail length fixing
  • Type D3 adjustable tail length fixing
  • Type D1 flexible tail fixing
  • Type E threaded fixing
  • Type TRL clamp
  • Type F9 clamp
  • Type BS flat top fixing with no tail
  • Type BS long nose version
  • Type cw clipped washer
  • Type P1 and P2 packings
  • High friction packings
  • Type T tip
  • Type W deep washer
  • Type AFW adapter washer for high friction
  • Type FC flush clamp
  • Toggle clamps, Girder clamp, 
  • Type P1 and P2 packers
  • Hollo bolt, Cavity fixings, Lindibolt 2, Rail fixings, Type BR rail clip.
  • Type RC forged steel rail clip, Holdfast, Type HD.
  • Floor fixings, Type FF, GF Grate fast, Type GF3030.
  • Support fixings, Type FL flange clamp, Lindiclip LC, 
  • Decking fixings, Alphawedge, Alphaclip, Swivel flange clamp, Multiwedge 2.
  • Multiclip, The slimdek 2, tipping dowel, toggle clamp, V nuts, Strap hanger.
  • Flange clamp, Conduit clip option, Strap hanger, Hemispherical washer and cup.
  • Purlin clamp, Webfix, Adjustable two piece wraparound purlin fixing.
  • Type HC34, Suspended ceiling clip, Malleable iron pipe rings.
  • Mild steel pipe rings. Type UB and JB J and U bolts.
  • Pressure vessel clamps, Type F2 nut clamp, Eyebolt nut clamp.
  • Bridge sign fixing BSF.

Imperial fasteners.

  • Bsw, Unf, Bsf, Whit worth Fine.

Caddy and Erico Eristrut Products stocked.

  • Rubber lined pipe fixings, Microfix, Super fix, Macrofix, PEBC, HIPC.
  • Unlined pipe fixings, Caddy Macrofix, PX, Clevis hanger, DSC P, 2HPS, HIB, UPH, RSS, HIBT, OD, EPB, SDPC, HIBT, 1HPS.
  • Sprinkler supports, FCN, Clevis Hanger 401, LHSR6, SBA, FSE, FSO, TBHK, THBG, TKN, BTK, SL, CA, MTVB.
  • Ducting Support products, Macro V ISO, 2TR, Kit u silent, PP, EQV, EQVS, TBH, TBHS, EQLS, ABP, SBP, SBP-C.
  • Speed Link wire rope system, SL, SLWC, SLADCP, SLADS, SLES, SLWPT, SLLC6.
  • Plastic pipe fixings, Ring PCP, FRF, TPC, TSBG, SMS8, RING frf3. 
  • 2 screw pipeclip with M8 M10 Boss. for pipe diameter 14 - 315mm
  • Heavy duty pipe clamp M10 M12 for pipe diameter 21 - 252mm
  • Clevis hanger, Pin clamp dsc, Nail clamp, Double nail clamp, Nail strap.
  • Nail, Nail tool, Heavy duty pipe clamps, rss, Universal pipe hook, Gutter pipe clamp.
  • Square Gutter pipe clamp. Plastic wall protection plate, Strut pipe clamp.
  • Pipe pier support, Ducting fixing, Trapeze ceiling fixing, L shape and Z shape.
  • All round band, 
  • Universal wire rope fixing system, Wire rope cutter, Ducting edge and surface protection.
  • Fixing brackets, Eye bolts hot dipped galvanised.
  • Sound reduction tubing, Cable Clip, Light fitting clip, Plastic pipe fixings.
  • Single pipe clip, Double pipe clip, Securing plug, Quadruple pipe cilp.
  • Hollow wall fixings, Nylon pipeclamp, Self tapping screw.
  • C channel, Cantilever arm, Brace, Gusset typw Cantilever arm. Gas meter fixing kit.
  • Brackets, Channel nut with flat washer, Ball swivel RTU.
  • Universal Channel nut, T bolts, C shaped washer, Channel couplers.
  • Beam clamps, End caps, Rubber profiles.
  • Eristrut channel 21 41 62 83 also cantilever arm.
  • Eristrut cantilever arm light / medium and heavy duty.
  • Eristrut wall bracket, Caddy brace.
  • Strut pipe clamps - 1/8" to 8" stocked.
  • Caddy slick strut nut.

  Manufactured threaded products.

  • Hex head bolts, set pins, Mild steel, Stainless, 8.8, EN8 to EN24T.
  • U and L bolts
  • Railway fasteners,Crossings, Support.
  • Tie bars Up to 80mm dia to 6 meter long.
  • Profiled,Fabricated steel.
  • Welded, drilled Bolts and nuts.
  • In stainless 304 316

Special stocked products.

  • Rivet Nuts, Hook Bolts, O rings, T bolts, Groove pins
  • Safety bolts, window frame fixing, Drywall screws.
  • Unbrako hexagon socket allen drive bolts stocked.
  • Torx drive.

Automotive Products stocked.

  • Hose Clams, Hose clamp, Robust hose clamp, Pipe clamp
  • Trackshoe bolt and nut, Exhaust nut, Sealing rings
  • Conical spring washers, Toyoto washers, Sealing push in caps
  • Tow bar bolts, Hose clamps A4, One ear clips, Rubber lined clips

Hinges we stock and special hinges manufactured.

  • Light butt hinges Medium Butt Hinges.
  • Fire door hinges
  • Welded hinges, Backflap hinges Handrail hinges

Fencing Products.

  • Field gate accessories Products Locks and security Products.
  • Fence post accessories.
  • Tower Bolts, Brenton bolts.
  • Gate Catches, Latches
  • Pulleys, Black Ironmongery
  • Hasps and staples
  • Cabin hook, hooks, Brass products Aluminium Products
  • Chain, Chain products
  • Trailer fittings

Engineering Parts and machine parts.

  • Threaded rod, Bright Key steel Silver steel Cast iron Ground flat stock.
  • Woodruff key - Taper key - Hexagon Socket Pipe plug - Seating screws.
  • Lubricating nipple cupped. Nipple button head cone.
  • Cardan joint single, Double, Multiple connector.
  • Slotted spring plunger with ball, Locking bolt Bush
  • Anti Vibration plate Helical compression spring, With eye type
  • Foil tape, Thumb Screws.

Steel products we stock.

  • Black, Bright steel bars, carbon, alloy steels.
  • Tool steels, 01, D2, D3, P20.
  • Angles, Flats, Beams, Channels.
  • Welded Mesh. Mesh. tubes. Sheet.
  • Plates43a, Galv, Zintec. HR, CR
  • Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Phosphor bronze.
  • Expamet bolt boxes
  • Fencing suppliers and all accessories.

Reinforcement accessories.

  • Pile cages, tying wire, Concrete spacers, Plastic Spacers, Mesh spacers.
  • Waffle spacers, Rebar couplers.

We specialise in nuts and bolts for

  • Railway Projects, Crossings, Embankment supports, stairs, Timbers, Quality and approval certs on request.
  • Rail bolts
  • Bridge,
  • Tunnel fasteners
  • Pipeline,
  • Offshore companies.
  • Concrete.
  • Structural companies.
  • Construction.
  • Water Companies.

High grade Fasteners stocked 10.9 and 12.9 grades.
Hexagon socket cap screw 1936 series, Low head socket cap screw, Flange button screw.
Hexagon socket head shoulder screw, Shoulder bolts, Shoulder screws.
Taper pressure plug Hexagon bolt fine pitch, Socket head cap screw blanks.
Metric Tee bolts, Inch Tee bolt, All thread studding Fully certified.
V grade bolts and nuts, Full nuts grade 12, Galvanised grade 10 nuts.
Nylon insert nuts BZP type P and Type T, Grade 10, Also in fine pitch.
UNC and UNF nuts grade 10.9 - Prevailing torque type self locking nut form V BZP.
Extended full nuts. Allen head bolts, Cap heads, Socket head, Button sockets.

High Grade bolt blanks stocked. Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12.9.

  • Hex head bolt blanks M12 to M48 - Grade 12.9
  • Hex head bolt blanks 1/2" to 1 1/2", suitable for threading UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF and UNS.
  • Hex socket head cap screws blank M10 to M30.
  • Hex socket countersunk blank., M10 to M27 Grade 10.9 and 12.9.

NEW! Stainless steel stock range items now in stock, All Available A2 A4 grades below,

Aerotight all metal self locking nuts, Slotted hex head bolts and sets, Hex head flange bolts,
Socket button head screws, Slotted cheese head screws, Cross recessed round head screws,
T bolts - Eye bolts, Carriage bolts, Belting bolts, Slotted mushroom screws,
Wing nuts American type - Wing nuts - Wing screws American type,
Slotted Capstan screws, Knurled thumb screws, knurled nuts.
Slotted PH screws, Hex socket pipe plugs, Pipe plugs, Engineers studs,
Slotted set screws, Dog point, Slotted headless screws,
Anti vandal nuts, Pipe nuts, Hex thin nuts, Slotted round nuts, Square weld nuts,
Hex castle nuts slotted, Hex flange nuts, L weld nuts, Insert press nuts,
Comby nuts, Cap nuts, Case nuts, Bow nuts.
Round couplers and Hex Couplers, Lifting eye bolts, Lifting eye bolts.
Butterfly nuts and Hex nuts with collar.
Special Stainless items in stock in A2 A4 grades below.
Tab washers with 1 tab and 2 Tab, Spring lock washers, Toothed lock washers, Serrated washers.
Square washers, Square taper washers, Din Spec bolts, External tab washers,
Tab washers with internal tab, Serrated lock washers, Toothed lock washers,
Serrated countersunk lock washers, Pal nuts, Heavy washers, Body washers - Penny washers.
Retaining rings for shafts, Retaining rings for bores, Retaining washers for shafts.
Washers for Wood Constructions.
Washers for Metal Constructions.
Taper pins, Cylindrical pins. Cotter pins, Round head rivets, Grooved pins.
Adjusting rings, Slotted spring pins, Spiral pins.
Self tapping screws, Hex wood screws, Slotted round wood screws.
Cladding screws, Self drilling cladding screws, Hex wood screw with flange.
Chip board screws. Tapping screws, Window board screws, Dowel screws.
Cladding screws, Socket head tapping screws, Self tapping inserts.
Pan head thread rolling screws, Self drilling screws, Pan head self drilling screws.
Pan head tapping screws, Cross recessed tapping screws.
Hexagon socket knurled cup point, Unthreaded blank,
Phillips countersunk machine screw.
Tapping AB, Self tapping B, Pozi head seld tapping B, Washer faced screw AB.
Washer pan head with earthing nibs self tapping, Phillips drive bugle head screw.
10.9 all thread, 10.9 studding, FormG washers,Form F washers.
Shed bolts.

Marine stainless items Stocked.

  • Snap hooks Softwire Hose clips Turnbuckles Screw eyes cup hooks Wire rope clip.
  • Quick link for chains Wire rope thimbles Shackles.
  • Stainless steel U bolts in metric and wood thread.
  • Stainless screw eye, Stainless lifting eye nut, stainless lifting eye bolt.
  • Stainless ring bolt, Stainless long eye nut, Stainless double eye nut, U bar.
  • Stainless wire rope, Stainless shackles, Stainless spring hooks, Stainless turnbuckles.
  • Stainless Steel Chain - short and long links.
  • Stainless dowels, Stainless thimbles.
  • Stainless spring hook with eyelet, Stainless Safety eye bolts.
  • Stainless retaining pins, Trailer hook, Swivel eye snap, fixed snap shackle.
  • Swage stud with nut also in left hand thread. Welding stud left hand and right hand thread.
  • Stopping plate, stay adjuster, pelican hook, Quick attach eye.
  • Wire rope clip, Wire thimble.

In Brief details on the lifting and shipping tackle we stock.

  • Tubular rigging screws, Solid high load rigging screws.
  • Drop forged turnbuckles and Straining screws.
  • Solid twin screws, Turnbuckle bodies, High load shackles.
  • High load bow shackles, Anchor clench shackles.
  • Chain cable. Forelock, joining shackles.
  • Ladder tie eye bolts, Scaffold restraint, collared eye bolts.
  • Sling rods. Palm eyes. Eye nuts, Clevises.
  • Drop forged swivels. Short bow swivels. Mooring swivels.
  • Jaw swivels. bow and oval eye swivel.
  • Enclosed thrust bearing,
  • Senhouse slips, Bordeaux connections, solid thimbles.
  • Ladder ties. BS463 open and closed sockets.

Our in house facilities

  • Straight sawing, Mitre sawing, Profiling, Shearing, Plasma cutting.
  • Grinding, Lumsden grinding.
  • Plate rolling, Punching, Drilling.
  • Flattening, Chamfering, Reinforcement cutting.
  • Bending.

We can offer fasteners, Special fasteners to all industry as follows.

  • Tower crane fasteners.
  • Railway fasteners.
  • Concrete fasteners.
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Building
  • Boat and ship building.
  • Bespoke industry.
  • CCTV tower bolts and nuts.
  • CCTV foundation fasteners.
  • Steel building Bolts and nuts.
  • Steel tower nuts and bolts.
  • Steel fabricators.
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Structural
  • Energy
  • White goods.
  • Furniture.
  • Window fasteners.
  • General engineering.
  • Off road Vehicles.
  • Pressed metal components.


Hexagon Fastners

Bolt & Nut supply hexagon products such as hexagon bolts, hexagon setscrews, to metric and imperial sizes. Hexagon products can be supplied in a vast range of materials and finishes.

  • Hex blanks
  • Hex bolts
  • Hex Setscrews
  • Hex structural bolts
  • High strength friction grip
  • Hex coach screws
  • Hex Fasteners
  • Hex flange bolts
  • Hex flange sets
  • Plus many many more

Socket Fasteners

Bolt & Nut supply socket products such as socket setscrews, socket fasteners, socket caps, socket countersunk in metric and imperial sizes.

  • Socket blanks
  • 1936 and 1960 Ser
  • Socket caps
  • Socket countersunk
  • Socket buttons
  • Low head socket caps
  • Flat point socket set
  • Cone point socket set
  • Plain cup point socket set
  • Dog point socket set
  • Knurled cup socket set
  • Socket shoulder screws
  • Plus many many more


Bolt and Nut produce specials from hexagon blanks, drawings, samples, hexagon cold forgings and bar turned items.

  • Special thread lengths
  • Head forming
  • Hot forging
  • Cold forging
  • Roll thread
  • Cut thread
  • Drilling
  • Cross Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Broaching
  • Special materials
  • J bolts
  • Studding
  • Plus many many more

Constuction Fixings

We supply a wide variety of fixings including industrial fixings, Self Drill Screws, Drywall Screws, Rivets, Pins, Construction Fixings and other fasteners and fixings.


Construction fixings

  • Lindapter
  • Erico
  • Assembles bolt nut washer
  • Holding down bolts
  • Frame fixings
  • Masonry fixings
  • Through bolts
  • Sleeve anchors
  • Wedge anchors
  • Shield anchor
  • Resin anchors
  • Wax and Poly Cones
  • Allthread
  • Plus many many more
  • Other fasteners and fixings

Other fasteners and fixings

  • Circlips
  • blind rivets
  • sealed blind rivet
  • eye bolts
  • eye nuts
  • split cotter pins
  • dowel pins
  • taper pins
  • thumb screws
  • grooved pins
  • tension pins
  • wing screws
  • Taper pins
  • Thumb screws
  • Groove pins
  • Tension pins
  • Wing screws
  • Roofing bolts
  • U bolts
  • Square bend bolts
  • J bolts
  • Eng Studs
  • Cup square bolt
  • Mushroom head bolts
  • Shafting collar
  • Self drilling screws
  • Self tapping screws
  • Window screws
  • Standard open rivets
  • Slotted countersunk
  • Pozi raised countersunk
  • Square hd coach screws
  • Taper pressure screws drywall screws
  • Chipboard screws
  • Plus many many more



Bolt & Nut supply flat washers, square washers, shape proof washers, crinkle washers, disc springs, internal shape proof washers, external shape proof washers and square plate washers.

  • Form A washers
  • Form B washers
  • Form C washers
  • Form E washers
  • Form F washers
  • Form G washers
  • Imperial washers
  • Light and Heavy sect
  • Repair washers
  • Rectangular spring washers
  • Square spring washers
  • Double coil spring washers
  • Internal and external shake proof washers
  • Conical washers
  • Disc springs
  • Nord lock washers
  • Square plate washers
  • Plus many many more


Bolt and Nut supply materials incorporating all the major standards and exotic materials.

  • A2 stainless steel
  • A4 stainless steel
  • 4.6
  • 5.6
  • 8.8
  • 10.9
  • 11.9
  • 14.9
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