Boost Phase Converters

Single phase to three-phase conversion (3 phase converters) Phase converters (also spelt three phase convertors or misnamed 3 phase transformers) provide single to 3-phase conversion. Since before 1957 Boost’s range of quality rotary and static phase converters have been providing thousands of farms, workshops, garages, equipment manufacturers, and hobbyists with 3-phase power where either the site lacks 3-phase supply or, within large buildings, where all 3 phases are not close to the equipment location. Static phase converters are only suited to single motor applications whilst rotary phase converters are well suited to multiple load configurations.

Boost manufactures and sells two ranges with different levels of sophistication of the control systems to suit different client needs, and are the only UK manufacturer to cover the entire range from 1/2 hp to 200 hp (1/2 kW to 150 kW). These carry either a one year or a three year guarantee. We also design and manufacture special versions, e.g. with soft start for weak supply locations, or for split phase (480 Volt) input and a wide variety of other desired input & output voltages and supply to clients worldwide in both 50Hz and 60Hz locations. We can provide units with asymmetric or symmetric neutrals which are either coincident or non-coincident with the supply side - important details for larger installations. A measure of our performance is that Boost phase converters have been selected by a variety of global water and electrical companies.
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