Boulting Group Ltd



Since 1918, Boulting Group has been a leading provider of engineering solutions across an array of sectors. Our uncompromising commitment to safety, value, efficiency and ingenuity means we are regularly chosen as a preferred partner by some of the world’s largest companies.

Boulting Group provides project management, design, fabrication, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services across its 5 operating groups:

•      Electrical & Instrumentation Services

•      Electrical Systems

•      Mechanical Services

•      Specialist Environments

•      Facilities Management

In the following industries:

•        Pharmaceuticals

•        Nuclear

•        Chemical/Petrochemical

•        Oil and Gas

•        Power Generation

•        Energy

•        Water and Utilities

•        Food and Drink Manufacturing

•        Metals

•        Tobacco

Our standards are amongst the highest in the industry. Fully conversant with the latest regulations we’re also IIP-accredited.

Our talent is in combining first-class design and engineering skills to create bespoke solutions, ranging from simple schemes to complex, multinational and multi-disciplinary projects.

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